A Galaxy of Possibilities by Natacha Guyot – Celebrate Star Wars day with a free copy (4 and 5 May 2015)

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that today is Star Wars Day, a day for fans everywhere. Not only for celebrating the franchise, but for recognising its impact on the global community.

To celebrate, Natacha Guyot is offering A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation of Storytelling in Star Wars free, on Amazon Kindle on the 4 and 5 May 2015. A fantastic gift for all Star Wars fans, I’m sure you’ll agree. Get your copy here for the (UK) here for the (US),or here for (Canada).

a-galaxy-of-possibilities-representation-and-storytelling-in-star-wars-by-natacha-guyotStar Wars has been a best-selling franchise since its creation in 1977. In the media landscape and audiences’ imagination, its longevity isn’t surprising, given the efficient narrative models and strong multiple influences it possesses. Fictional universes of this importance that are meant for audiences of many ages have a responsibility in terms of representation and inclusiveness.

This collection of essays looks at different aspects and eras of the Star Wars universe: movies, television series, video games, and novels. It addresses portrayal of children, women, ethnic diversity, and disability; and whether they offer positive and layered images of both heroes and villains.

Almost forty years of narratives of plural forms has pitted Star Wars against societal and media evolutions, thus affecting narrative approaches and choices. A Galaxy of Possibilities explores some of their impacts on the franchise.

NatachaNatacha Guyot is a French author, researcher and public speaker. She holds two Master’s degrees: Film and Media Studies (Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Digital Culture and Technology (King’s College London).

She considers herself a feminist, Science Fiction and Fantasy nerd, fangirl, book worm, vidder, gamer and cat lover.


In my experience, Natacha is a supportive friend, versatile blogger, and all round good egg! She is knowledgeable, friendly, and enjoys to share her passions. If you don’t already follow her blog, I would recommend it. I left a link above, but you can also find her here.

Thanks for stopping by.


5 responses to “A Galaxy of Possibilities by Natacha Guyot – Celebrate Star Wars day with a free copy (4 and 5 May 2015)”

  1. Don’t forget the Canada link to Amazon.ca for her book (:
    Interesting subject! I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for sharing.

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