You’ve got something stuck between your teeth – inspired by One-Liner Wednesday

I was going to take part in One-Liner Wednesday again today, until I saw Linda’s contribution and I couldn’t get it out of my head. If you’re here expecting an inspirational or humerous quote, I must apologise – I wrote a short piece of fiction instead. I just couldn’t help myself 🙂


Riley crept into Merc Hall like the animal he undoubtedly was; all stealth and sanguine movement. Once a prominent government building, it now served as a beacon in the aftermath of war – a sanctuary for those like him. A mercenary for hire. The energy of the place pulsed along his skin, perhaps the result of so many hunters under one roof. Even subdued by sleep he could feel the danger they represented.

Tonight it only confused his wolf, because he could sense an underlying threat. He knew something or someone was waiting for him in the dark.

Using his night vision to navigate the corridors, he focused on his surroundings. It was hard to rein in the beast after so much freedom, and tonight had been all about the darker side to his nature. His claws pricked at his skin in anticipation, but he didn’t relinquish control. Not when his nose had picked up the scent coming from his room.

Friend not foe. He knew who it was before he heard her voice.

“Relax, wolf-man, there are no monsters in this closet.” The words were pitched at the perfect level for his hearing, despite the door between them.

“Shit,” he muttered, turning the handle. “How many times do I have to tell you I don’t need an upgrade?” His gaze narrowed on Maddison. She had made herself comfortable on the floor, her back against his bed. “And,” he growled, stepping into the room and closing them in. “Closet or not, it’s private. Which means.” He paused to show off a little fang. “You’re invading my space.”

It didn’t surprise him when she rolled her eyes. “Changelings,” she said, on a sigh. “Always so damn territorial.”

He wanted to smile so badly his jaw ached. “Why are you here, Maddy?”

“I was worried about you.” She got to her feet in a quick, fluid motion, which was almost feline.

“Now you’re just trying to piss me off.”

Her grin was sly. “What? I can’t be concerned for the big, bad wolf?” She jabbed him lightly on the arm. “Look, I know danger is part of the job description and, let’s face it, trouble tends to follow you around. But you’re hiding something, and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get you killed.”

Riley didn’t respond right away. He walked over to the portable fridge to grab a beer. “I don’t need a keeper, Maddy, and I’m not hiding anything. I just needed to blow off some steam.”

Her hand reached out to snatch the bottle, but her eyes never left his. “Bull. Shit.”

The growl came out before he could stop it, which annoyed the hell out of him. He rarely lost his cool. “You’re not going to let this go are you?” he asked, dropping to sit cross-legged on the floor.

Maddison followed his lead, her green eyes sharp and assessing as they met his. “I guess it’s a moot point, since you’ve obviously taken care of the problem.” Her body relaxed the moment the words left her mouth.

“You seem pretty sure about that.” He let out a long sigh, tired of the secret anyway. “Look, it was personal, okay. I found out who attacked Simmons and I needed to take care of it. I owed him.” Truth be told, he owed nobody more than the woman in front of him. Maddison hadn’t known Simmons well, but she would never question his right to avenge a friend’s death.

“Ah, so because Jonas ordered you to stay out of it, you had to keep a low profile,” Maddy said, before taking a swig of beer. “That explains the sneaking around.”

“I don’t sneak,” he muttered, then scowled for good measure. “And Jonas might be leader of the pack, but he doesn’t know everything.”

“Aw,” she said, toeing his boot with her own. “I’ve never been a member of a pack.”

His wolf grinned at her teasing. “Shut up, Maddy.”

She tipped the bottle towards him. “Fine, I’ll let it drop. On the condition that you take back-up next time.”

“If there is a next time, I’ll take you along. How about that?”

“Now we’re talking,” she said, a little too excited at the prospect of getting her hands dirty.

She was true to her word though. She didn’t hound him for details as they shared the beer and talked of their active assignments.

An hour later she took the hint and stood to leave. “See you at feeding time,” she said, strolling to the door.

“Maddy?” She paused to look back at him, one eyebrow raised in questions. “How did you know? That I found them tonight?”

“Please,” she said, with her customary eye-roll. “There’s little that gets by me in this place.” She paused again on the threshold. “Oh, and by the way…you’ve got something stuck between your teeth.”


I hope you enjoyed my little dalliance.

Thanks for stopping by.


18 thoughts on “You’ve got something stuck between your teeth – inspired by One-Liner Wednesday

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thank you so much. It means the absolute world that you’d want to read it. Strangely enough, I’ll be publishing a paranormal/fantasy (never know what to call it) in March, which is actually a prequel to a series and will form part of an anthology. The Maddison in this story is the main character – she’s a witch. Riley does make an appearance and I’m a little obsessed with him so at some point in the series I will definitely explore his character. I may even go in a different direction because I love wolves, and have always wanted to write a werewolf series.

      1. taylorgraceauthor says:

        Ooohh!! I can only encourage you because that little tidbit was sooo good! Riley is such an awesome name too. I think you’d be an awesome author for a werewolf series! I hope you do it! (and if you do, please let me know because I’ll be counting the days to the release!)

      2. mbarkersimpson says:

        You make me want to write it right now! I may have to jot down some ideas, though I really should be concentrating on the next Morgan and Fairchild novel! My excitement for the project right at this moment is through the roof – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep! Thanks, Taylor. You rock 🙂

      3. mbarkersimpson says:

        I will 🙂 With your brand of support and encouragement it will definitely be on my priority list! Riley and his wolf are feeling very smug right now because he thought he was in for a long wait 😉

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Aw, thanks, Mishka. This is where I need your exceptional planning skills because my project scheduling sucks! I’ve had the morning off and have been staring at a blank page for hours! (Okay so I’ve been procrastinating) 🙂 Not all of my time was wasted though…I’m currently writing my Arrow review and I LOVED this week’s episode! Hope you’re having a productive day 😀

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thank you sooo much, that’s lovely (you’re excitement at the beginning made me chuckle…a true compliment 🙂 I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. I always have tremendous fun with short pieces of fiction!

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