The Collective

This series is a prequel of sorts to The Fractured Collection. It starts at the beginning of the war and explores how the world changes. It is a big, beautiful and complex world, so you can expect other series as part of the collection. I have to admit to being a little obsessed with Orion Reece, so if you liked what you saw of him in Fractured so far, you’ll learn a lot more about him!

Kristen Baracas has survived a great many things in her life. The death of her parents, being turned into a slave by the clan who took their lives, dealing with her brother’s blood addiction problems, and surviving the induction programme for the Real Defence Network. Now she simply rolls with the punches.

As a vampire, it’s her duty to protect the human race. She has access to a superior blood bank, that being her feeding buddy and partner in crime Carlisle. Even better, she gets paid to rid the mortal realm of demon scum. Life is a party, and she serves up the heads of her enemies.

So what if there’s a war going on? She can deal with anything. Well, except for crossing paths with a battle angel.

Joshua is a member of the Battalion; a warrior sent to the mortal realm to serve and protect. He didn’t expect to fall for a vampire with a chip on her shoulder, one who sets his blood on fire, even when she doesn’t have her fangs buried in his throat.

The pair must join forces to defend a safe zone under attack, while dealing with an attraction that might just be hazardous to their health.

Tamaya White is no ordinary witch. As a child she absorbed so much power, it had to be locked down tight. After surviving a massacre that stole her entire family, Tamaya is consumed by the need for revenge. With the magic of her ancestors flowing through her veins, and a supernatural weapon named Del, she has enough fire in her belly to annihilate any demon who crosses her path.

She doesn’t have time for romance, what with raising earth spirits, and preparing to join a god’s dream team. So, it’s just her luck she finds her mate.

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