The Collective – Character Chart

Name Blade (Panashe) Rivera
Hair Colour Dark brown
Eye Colour Amber (lighter shade in human form)
Physical Description 6ft 7” – Large muscular frame, strong jaw, feline grace. Has keen eyesight, and communicates in cat form through purring, bleating, barking and growling
Role Hunter
Species Changeling: Cheetah
Power/Skills Strength and speed. In cheetah from he has fangs and claws, but prefers to fight in human form so he gets to use his extensive collection of blades
Background Saved Logan Greer when Logan was a cub (Blade wasn’t much older at the time), and they have been family ever since. Blade was hunted and captured during his adolescent years and had his left claws removed whilst in captivity. Logan saved him, and together they trained to become hunters. They now offer their protection. Blade has an obsession with weaponry, which earned him his nickname   
Significant Relationships Logan is his brother. The cat is particularly protective of McKenzie.
Personality Cheeky, cocky, and fun to be around. He is a risk taker. Blade likes to show his affection by skin to skin contact (usually rubbing his cheek against his friends’ face) 
Name Aaron Baracas
Hair Colour Deep brown
Eye Colour Brown – so dark they appear to absorb light
Physical Description 6ft 2″ – smooth skin the colour of burnt treacle (with a voice just as smooth). Aaron possesses the beauty of his kind but is a little harder around the edges. He is handsome, but not pretty 
Role Noble Shield
Species Vampire
Power/Skills Strength and speed. All vampires can influence emotion and alter memories. They are natural protectors of the human race 
Background Aaron’s brother Isaac has a blood addiction (human blood) and aligned himself with the Fractured in order to feed his habit. Aaron is on a mission to find his brother (who is also a Noble Shield) and bring him home. As a vampire he must feed regularly (from his own kind), for convenience vampires are assigned feeding buddies – Esha (friend and fellow Noble Shield) is Aaron’s partner 
Significant Relationships Has two siblings; Isaac and Kristen. Considers Esha and Leela his sisters
Personality Brave, impulsive, and self-assured. He has a hang up about feeding, because of his ancestry, but Esha helps him through it. He does not like spilling blood with his fangs
Name McKenzie Eaton
Hair Colour Black (cropped short)
Eye Colour Grey
Physical Description Tall, with dark skin and lean muscle. She has excellent bone structure, and straight, white teeth. McKenzie has a jagged scar running along her cheek 
Role Ex-military – joined the fight to continue her promise to serve and protect 
Species Human
Power/Skills Excellent hand to hand combat skills. Is gifted at making weapons and adapting things. Her favourite weapon is an 18th Century sword 
Background Her mother was a cold, hard woman, who McKenzie describes her as weak. She was constantly judged growing up and learned early that she had to fight for her place in the world. She vowed that nobody would control her again and was determined to go it alone. Kayde taught her the power of sharing the burden
Significant Relationships Kayde is her brother by choice  
Personality She can be hard around the edges and has a foul mouth, but she is also loyal and has a wicked sense of humour. McKenzie is strong, and makes a good leader 
Name Logan Greer
Hair Colour White (wears it long) – his coat (fur) is also white in wolf form 
Eye Colour Vivid blue (Caribbean)
Physical Description Large heavy bulk, with wide chest and massive shoulders 
Role Hunter
Species Changeling: Wolf
Power/Skills Strong and gifted fighter. He is also strong minded, so not easily manipulated by compulsion
Background Logan’s family were killed by rogues. He was saved by Blade and Logan swore his allegiance to his friend. They were raised as brothers and are rarely apart
Significant Relationships Was raised by changeling cats after his family were killed, so considers Blade’s family his
Personality A sensual creature, who can be wicked – especially his humour. He plays by the rules 
Name Kayde Oliver
Hair Colour Dark blond – wears it military style (buzz cut) 
Eye Colour Blue – an unusual shade (with the depth of an ocean) 
Physical Description 6ft 1″ – Tough and rugged. Holds himself like a fighter – big shoulders and wide chest 
Role Ex military – joined the war to protect others 
Species Human
Power/Skills Keen senses, strong, intelligent and observant. Has a soldier’s instincts. His favourite weapons are a modified short sword and semi-automatic guns 
Background Kayde’s father was killed in the line of duty when he was a child. When he was a teenager, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, so he had to look after her and his younger brother. She died before he enlisted, and his brother went off the rails. Kayde’s brother went missing at the start of the war, so he is searching for him 
Significant Relationships Formed an instant kinship with McKenzie. The pair haven’t been apart since. Has a younger brother – Kyle 
Personality Tough talking, strong minded and sarcastic – he has a dry sense of humour   
Name Esha Tomas
Hair Colour Dark brown, tipped with red (like her wings)
Eye Colour Dark brown (lighter around the pupil)
Physical Description Long, slender frame. Hard, almost cruel features that soften when she smiles
Role Noble Shield
Species Siren
Power/Skills She normally uses her bird or half-form to pluck her victims from the ground. She also has lethal talons, and occasionally uses Blade’s collection of knives. Her voice is a weapon, as it has hypnotic powers 
Background Esha and her people were cursed for a millennium after their queen unwittingly started a war, the results of which led to the existence of vampires. Sirens were unable to reproduce or find love beyond friendship. The curse has now been lifted 
Significant Relationships Her closest friends are Leela and Aaron. She is also Aaron’s feeding buddy 
Personality Esha has a short fuse, so patience is not one of her qualities. She is fiercely loyal, and perceptive of the feelings of others, so whether offering comfort or pushing buttons, Esha is a pro 
Name Leela Jorge
Hair Colour Rich dark mahogany (like her wings)
Eye Colour Light brown
Physical Description Strong, defined features. Long legs
Role Noble Shield
Species Siren
Power/Skills Compels people through her voice, usually singing; this power is magnified when linked to Esha. She has a weakness for daggers 
Background Sirens were cursed for a millennium after their queen unwittingly started a war, the results of which led to the existence of vampires. Leela’s parents died in the war, so except for the Shields, she is alone 
Significant Relationships Her closest friends are Esha and Aaron 
Personality Patient and wise, she balances out Esha’s spirited temper. Leela is a nurturer, and cares deeply 
Name Glendola Burnet
Hair Colour Russet (wears it short)
Eye Colour Brown (like warm treacle)
Physical Description 7ft 1″ – long and sinewy. She wears the uniform of the Elite – a close fitting suit with protective qualities. Glendola also wears a full-length leather jacket made from brascilloe hide, and boots to match 
Role Hunter – former member of the Elite
Species Elf
Power/Skills Elfin magic, her powers are like a finely-honed blade. She favours a cross bow and shield when in battle
Background When she left the elven community, she travelled to Athena Falls (Fay Queen’s territory) and trained with the Sisterhood. After saving a hympe from a coven of witches (who were disbanded for breaking the rules of engagement), she took over his contract
Significant Relationships Ex-lover of Orion Reece. Her closest friends are Theodore, Blade and Logan   
Personality Competent, composed and confident in her skills 
Name Joshua
Hair Colour Silvery grey (the same as his wings)
Eye Colour Grey
Physical Description Tall and lean. Wears the uniform of the Battalion – black trousers and a soft grey tunic with insignia to accommodate his wings 
Role Member of the Battalion
Species Warrior Angel
Power/Skills Angel power, which usually has a silver-white glow. Joshua also favours a custom made baton for close quarter combat, which can be a conduit to his power 
Background Joshua went up against a powerful faction leader within the Fractured, choosing to do this alone. He was badly injured in the battle. Due to the fact he broke the code of the Battalion, he was punished – his punishment is to lead a squadron within the human military 
Significant Relationships His partner in the Battalion is Nevaeh 
Personality Joshua has a tendency to take on too much responsibility 
Name Nevaeh
Hair Colour Orange/Black – like a tiger (reflects her wings)
Eye Colour Indigo
Physical Description Tall and lithe. Great strength, which reflects in her powerful, often intense features 
Role Member of the Battalion
Species Warrior Angel
Power/Skills Angel power, which usually has a bright orange glow. Nevaeh favours her twin swords, which were a gift from her mentor 
Background Due to her long service, she is a respected member of the Battalion and often trusted to make decisions for her team in the field 
Significant Relationships Her partner in the Battalion is Joshua
Personality Strong, authoritative and scary
Name Orion Reece
Hair Colour Pale Blond – shines with his power. When in his Battalion disguise his hair and wings are scarlet
Eye Colour Dark brown ringed with gold (when power flares) – can be obsidian. Pale blue when playing at warrior angel
Physical Description Tall, sculptured body, angular jaw, sinful mouth – created to draw people in
Role Leader of the Collective – given carte blanche in the war by the Race Alliance
Species God
Power/Skills Can manipulate matter and energy, freeze time, compel, change appearance, transport people and objects, enter dreams (to name but a few of his powers)
Background Lost his way after his soul mate was killed
Significant Relationships His brother by choice is a Guardian named Lucas, who regularly gets him out of scrapes. They adopted a sister (Lorelai). He has a soft spot for Glendola
Personality A showman. He can be sarcastic and morbid.
Name Theodore Grant
Hair Colour Black with a blue sheen
Eye Colour Dark blue – like an extension of his hair (can appear black)
Physical Description 6ft 5″ – wide and powerfully built (like many of his kind). Has a burn on the right side of his neck, which runs down his shoulder. Olive skin 
Role Under contract within the Hympe Trials
Species Hympe
Power/Skills Powerful shapeshifter. His unique gift is related to the shift – he can adapt the form (colour, texture, shape.) He can also project part of his consciousness and split his form
Background Theodore is eighty years into a hundred-year contract within the Hympe Trials. His normal bound shape is a staff, but he is flexible (depending on what Glendola needs). He was abused as a child and burned badly. His contract was sold to a witch coven, but later transferred to Glendola
Significant Relationships He has one sibling, a brother named Donovan. His father is Gabriel Grant. Theodore has a close friendship with Glendola, he does not view her as his master 
Name Tamaya White
Hair Colour Light brown (unruly curls)
Eye Colour Green
Physical Description 5ft 1″ – has a slight frame which hides a wily strength. She wears a bandana to tame her curls
Role Formerly part of a defence network, protecting the mortal realm 
Species Witch
Power/Skills Uses power words, and spells to utilise her magic. Tamaya has heightened senses and combat skills – her weapon of choice is an axe, which she named Del (a gift from her ancestors with roots to the elven community
Background Her coven was slaughtered by Vome, faction leader and one of the most powerful members of the Fractured. She joined the war in order to continue her job and protect the mortal realm 
Significant Relationships Tamaya is alone, though she inspires loyalty and makes friends quickly   
Personality Balsy, mouthy, and tough
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