Fractured Collection – Glossary

Aquilliam – An elven metal, which has magical properties.

Binding – Witches use blood magic to bind demons in order to steal their power. Other species use binding magic (see blood bonds). During the Hympe Trials, hympes are bound to a certain shape.

Blood bonds – When two or more creatures form a blood bond, they become connected; borrowing each other’s strength. In some cases, they also form a telepathic form of communication. Blood bonds can also be used to enslave.

Brascilloes – Sacred animals, only found within elven territory. They have a thick layer of skin, a layer they shed annually in a constant cycle of regrowth. The elves use these layers within enchantments, for decoration, or for protection – it is a highly respected tradition. Brascilloes often change their skin colour to suit the environment.

Changelings – Part animal, part humanoid, these creatures have the power to change shape at will. Changelings have advanced healing abilities. They possess similar characteristics to their animal counterpart in the mortal realm; legend has it that Changelings are a direct line to the Fay. The Fay Queen, Aretha, is the original shapeshifter.

Clanderians – Part lion and part bird, a Clanderian can choose either form, but also has a humanoid shape (as do most Changeling species). The Clanderian also has a hybrid form; legs and torso covered in feathers, a lion’s head, and large wings.

Elves – Tall creatures, who use the power of nature combined with their magic to develop protective weapons. Soldiers named the Elite protect the race, and often volunteer in times of war. Elves have the ability to induce dream states – building entire worlds around the desires of others.

Empyrean – What humans refer to as heaven, or the heavens. Primes are based within Empyrean, as are the Battalion. When a soul returns home, they return to a region of Empyrean. This region is also home to Guardians and other angelic beings.

Enchanted League – Group of mercenaries/hunters who protect the Enchanted Realm.

Enchanted Realm – Home to a number of species including: hympes who reside in a region named Aronmyre; the elves, whose territory is Derrymore; Nrikabats, who control the Firmani Caves; dwarves, residing in Durin Mountain; Orcas who control the Orca Plane and other creatures who choose to live close to Aretha falls (Fay territory, which borders the realm).

Enraptured – Descendants of the Fay, these creatures have the power to influence emotion and health. They project feelings of euphoria, and peace. Some members of the species focus on their magic, and hone it to help others. They can be sensitive to the darkness in others and choose to live a simple, quiet life. If a member of the Enraptured goes rogue they use their gifts to cause harm instead of good – projecting feelings of fear, self-doubt and hatred.

Erebus – Realm of the Lost – humans might consider Erebus as purgatory or hell. It is home to the Fractured. The darkest part of the realm is a region known as Dominat.

The Fallen – Guardians who choose to fall in order to play a more active role within the mortal realm.

Forsaken – Former Guardians who are exiled after breaking the rules. Their punishment is reincarnation within the mortal realm.

The Fractured – Lost souls who choose to align themselves with the darkness. Most species within the Fractured are demons, but some creatures lose their way and are recruited to serve in the war. The Lechens, for example, a particularly violent race, now serve the Fractured.

Gargoyles – Like a chameleon, a Gargoyle can blend into their environment by merging with whatever material they come into contact with. They are a gentle race, and live among the mortals, most choosing to live a simple life. They are closely related to hympes and are known to volunteer on the frontline as part of the defence network within the mortal realm.

Goblins – Evasive creatures, and hard to pin down. They use trickery and magic, mainly sleight of hand, to fool their opponents. Goblins are ordinary looking, and often try to pass themselves as human.

Guardians – Protectors of souls; angels who offer strength and encouragement to their charges, but cannot intervene. Those who break the rules are exiled and must serve out their punishment in the mortal realm, where they are reincarnated as humans.

Hympes – Part of the Fay, hympes are powerful shapeshifters, and can transform into any object or creature. Each hympe has a unique gift in addition to their shapeshifting abilities. Due to their part in the Great War, hympes were punished. This punishment is served in the Hympe Trials; when a hympe reaches adolescence at the age of eighteen, they enter the trials and serve for one hundred years – until they reach maturity.

Lechens – Descendants of the Clanderians, Lechens are part lion, but are unable to transform. They are fast, agile and cunning and have sharp claws and fangs. They are a particularly cruel race, and align themselves with the Fractured.

Legion of Watchers – Appointed to protect members of the Fallen (Guardians who reside in the mortal realm).

Nearyon – Home of Sorcerers, Gods, and members of the Fay. Gods rule their own regions, though they are worshipped far and wide (across the realm). Regions include Ionitha, Silderholme, Valcrest (Enraptured territory), and Marsacre (home to the Sirens).

Nrikabats – Brutal, violent creatures. They have thick skin, a face that protrudes in the middle to form a flattened muzzle, small eyes, and a hooked jaw. Most Nrikabats are skilled fighters, having been raised in a competitive environment where strength in the ring is rewarded – this also makes them paranoid.

Nubilus – Mites, which feed on the dead. They burrow under the skin and are often used in torture techniques. Their colours are vibrant and beautiful.

Orcas – Noble and fierce creatures with large wing-like arms, which end in sharp claws. Orcas have large, unblinking eyes, an elongated face, and a coin-sized hole at the top of their skull, which they use to breathe underwater. Their blood, a dark inky liquid, contains healing properties.

The Race Alliance – Rule over all realms to bring order, enforcing punishment when rules are broken. Two of the most severe punishments include The Hympe Trials (one hundred year contract all hympes must serve when they reach adolescence) and the Siren Curse (sirens were punished for a millennium for their part in the creation of vampires). The Race Alliance also controls the Legion of Watchers.

Permedikes – Part reptile, part lion, and part bat, Permedikes are huge creatures. They have black, oily wings, and let out a high-pitched screech, strong enough to rattle bones.

Portals – Used to travel between regions, each realm having a number of gates/portals that are hidden in plain sight. In the mortal realm, they are camouflaged within street signs, which are spelled so that only those with power can travel through.

Primes – There are seven Primes in total. They rule over Empyrean and protect all souls. Part of their role is to govern the Battalion – Warrior Angels who lend their numbers in battle, and are the only angels with wings.

Savingores – Demons who are often used as decoys during battle. They are not skilled fighters, but they make an excellent line of defence with their wide girth and hard shell-like exterior, which rebuffs most weapons.

Sentinels – Demons who can pass for human when they camouflage their eyes (usually with drops or lenses). They have shattered pupils, a vibrant red that leaks into the iris.

Sidlurs – Emotional creatures who are easily manipulated. They have three eyes, big features and their bodies are coated with coarse hair that is a natural form of protection.

Sirens – Related to Clanderians, they are also part bird. Sirens can maintain a half, or part form. In part form, they appear to be wearing a form-fitting suit, which is actually downy feathers, which covers their body. They possess the power of compulsion, which works through their voice (usually singing).

Sorcerers – Direct descendants of the Fay, Sorcerers wield powerful magic. They normally carry a token with which to focus this power.

Vampires – Part Lechen and part Enraptured, vampires are beautiful and draw other species in. They have the power to influence emotion, calming others and altering their perceptions. They are also fast, and strong. Due to a curse placed upon the first vampire, the race need blood to survive. They must feed within their own species, and are assigned feeding buddies – blood can only be taken with consent from another (to sustain them) – another factor of the curse. Vampires are natural protectors of the human race.

Witches – Normally human, witches borrow powers from Sorcerers. They form covens, and find additional strength in numbers. Witches are renowned for using power words and casting spells. Some covens form part of the frontline defence system, protecting the mortal realm from attack. Those who practice dark magic, bind other creatures (demons) to do their bidding.

Wraiths – Are soul eaters, and have both a corporeal and non-corporeal form. Wraiths resemble phantoms; they have slack open mouths and black eyes. They let out a piercing screech and can enter the body, where they use their host to feed.

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