Author Spotlight: Quan Williams Blog Tour – Guest Post

This week Quan Williams, author of GodMode, is celebrating the release of his new book with a Blog Tour, organised by Dragon Knight Chronicles.

Writing Room 101 will be providing three stops along the tour. Today Quan has a guest post for us. On Wednesday I will be providing a review of the book and on Saturday, Quan joins us for an exclusive interview.

So, without further ado, I’ll hand you over to the man himself.

The Osh Moment

By Quan Williams

Here’s a little tidbit for all of you fledgeling writers out there. This is something that I feel is essential to any good story, and something that you must be able to master for your stories to reach their full potential. I personally use it quite a bit.

I call it “The OSH moment.”

What is the OSH moment, you may ask?

The OSH moment is, simply put, the moment where the feces hits the fan. This is the one moment where everything is either going wrong or is about to go wrong, and your protagonist is wondering “what the hell am I going to do now?”

If you look at basically any movie – let’s say a love story – you’ll see this principle in action. You have your boy meets girl moment, but there’s always some twist to the meeting, some secret or tidbit of information that the protagonist has that his or her love interest isn’t privy to. The two have their ups and downs throughout the movie, but everything seems to be progressing along. Then that little tidbit becomes public knowledge, and the truth comes out, and this moment puts the whole relationship in jeopardy. That is the OSH moment, the crossroads where things can go either way.

And it doesn’t just work in romance stories. You have it in your spy novels where the spy’s cover is blown, or in action movies where the hero meets the foe he can’t beat. All of those old “wanna get away?” airline commercials are based on the OSH moment.

You especially get this moment in real life. For instance, I was working at the plant a while back, and the machine I was working on was acting snarky. The maintenance guy comes around to try to fix the durned thing, but can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with it. So he goes out to get some more tools. I’m standing there waiting for him, and I don’t like standing around when I’m getting paid to work. So I pick up one of the components he was looking at, thinking “Well, maybe he missed something.” Yeah, like I’m going to find something a trained mechanic missed. Complete brainfart on my part, but I digress. Almost as soon as I pick the thing up, little bitty parts of the component fall out, bounce off of the machine, and roll over the floor. And when maintenance guy comes back, I just knew he was going to be livid that somebody messed with the part while he was gone.

This is the OSH moment; the moment where you’re most likely to yell


Get it now?

As a writer, you want to have as many of these in your story as possible, especially at the end of chapters or acts or commercial breaks. It’s a crucial element to help ramp up the tension in your story. And you want to have at least one big OSH moment towards the end. Give it a try, and I guarantee your stories will be that much more fun to read.

By the way, there’s a song you should be listening to that illustrates my point perfectly. Check out “Oh Sh*t,” by the Pharcyde. It encompasses everything I just mentioned, and it’s even named after my new term. Check it out.



Elijah wakes up in a cage, and can barely remember anything about himself or his situation. He fights his way alone to escape a building full of bizarre and deadly monsters, while learning disturbing truths about himself. Once he finds the way out, he has to pass it up and keep fighting to rescue hiw wife and child from his nemesis.

photoAuthor Bio

Quan Williams has previously published three other books and various short stories, as well as spending two years as a journalist for The Michigan Daily Newspaper. He studied creative writing under the tutelage of Jonis Agee, author of “Strange Angels” and “South of Resurrection.”

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Blitz Tour Feature – Angelic Confessions by Jan Marie

Angelic Confessions


In a world where the Father created all I was born…an angel. A new breed I was meant to overthrow the children of heaven. To prevent this I was taken, and raised as Father’s own. my memories wiped, the dark beast inside me caged. Memories never stay buried though…


I found Angelic Confessions an intriguing read. The opening is strong; the sense of confusion – a struggle between light and dark.

The majority of the book takes place in Heaven, within a controlled environment; confines set by the Heavenly Father. Aye learns from a young age she is special, and is all but smothered with affection. I found it an entertaining notion that Aye was able to charm her father so thoroughly, especially given the fact he is The Father – an all powerful being. The internal politics were well thought out and resonated with the setting. I would have liked a little more description, especially as we are given a peek into Heaven itself.

This may have been a conscious decision by the author. The first part of the story is told from Aye’s point of view, and her confusion adds to the experience somehow. She lives with an inner turmoil, knowledge of a power she does not fully understand.

The second half is told from Pio’s perspective – an elite guard and Aye’s Watcher. His conflicts are that of a loyal soldier and his protective instincts make him a formidable angel. I really liked the contrast, especially as we are taken back through the events to experience them through a different set of eyes.

I enjoyed the romance, a connection which spans lifetimes. It is a tale of forbidden desire, of dark secrets and a love that must be protected at all costs.


About the Author

JanJan Marie resides quietly in the Forest City of Illinois with her three little cherubs: Zachery(9) and twins Aidan and Zane. Oh! And their guardian kitty cats Kitkat and Heizey.

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Time's Tempest by M.J. Moores

Time's Tempest - Official Book CoverTaya

A loyal and dedicated government contractor extraordinaire, learns of the fate

of the planet while on a top-secret job working as a lab tech for a disreputed scientist.


A Talian government dissenter who claims the only way to save their dying world

is to trust a set of ancient documents lost long ago in the forbidding Deserts.


A reporter covering the story of a lifetime following a lead that could mean more

than breaking the biggest story to hit the planet since the Nine Seas Massacre.

Fate, destiny and truth collide with 2000 year old secrets the government will do anything to keep buried. When Taya is forced to accept a contract that will be a death sentence for anyone involved, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst in a game she never wanted to play. As she leads a false prophet and his followers on a mission doomed from the start, she learns far more about herself and her world than she ever thought possible.

The end of the word or just some nut-job trying to get innocent people killed to validate his own endgame? Taya’s not sure, but either way it’s up to her discover the truth between fate and destiny in this divided land.

For a review of the book, click here.


M.J. Moores, OCT – BFA , BEd

Growing up in Ontario, Canada, M.J. was the only child of a single mom. Her passion for the arts ignited at a young age as she wrote adventure stories and read them aloud to close family and friends. The dramatic arts became a focus in high school as an aid to understanding character motivation in her writing. Majoring in Theatre Production at York University, with a minor in English, she went on to teach both elementary and high school for 10 years throughout Simcoe County.

M.J. currently lives with her husband and young son in Caledon, Ontario. She keeps busy these days with her emerging authors’ website Infinite Pathways: hosting writing contests, providing editing services, free publicity tips, book reviews, and opportunities for authors to build their writing platform and portfolio. In addition she writes articles and edits freelance as she continues her own creative writing working toward completing the next book in the Chronicles Series. Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia (1) is M.J.’s debut science fiction novel. She firmly believes that if she hadn’t been born a Virgo, she wouldn’t be half as organized as she needs to be to get everything done from one day to the next.

To read an interview with M. J. click here.

Time's Tempest - 3D Cover

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Review: Time's Tempest by M. J. Moores

Time's Tempest - Official Book Cover

Embarking as a guide into the death zones that are the Deserts, Taya leads a group of civilians who blindly follow a prophet obsessed with preventing the planet Xannia from environmental self-destruction. Here, Fate and Destiny wage war propelling an epic search for truth amidst 2000 year old lies, in opposition to a government bent on burying ancient secrets and anyone who goes looking for them.

 As Taya desperately attempts to keep the prophet and his followers alive, this journey forces her to grapple with the circumstances of her past which have aligned to hurdle her into her darkest memories; making choices she never wanted to consider; learning truths she was never meant to know.


Time’s Tempest is an epic journey, with so many twists and turns my head is still spinning. There is action throughout, and the intrigue, the sheer excitement of the journey had me completely hooked.

I love conspiracy theories, so add in science fiction, prophecies, destiny and a fight for the truth, and it equals one grand adventure. One which is too good to miss. I found myself immersed in a new world, and life on Xannia was extraordinary. The hierarchy is well established in the beginning, introducing the Kronik and their own brand of government. M.J. describes the world beautifully; the descriptions are well written and the colour she provides is exquisite.

The novel is told from Taya’s point of view and I really loved her character. It’s not only her strength and resilience, her sense of authority. It is her quirky ways and the fact she has real heart – that’s what really draws a reader in.

Taya is a government contractor who accepts a mission to guide a prophet and his followers into the Deserts. What begins is more than a journey of discovery. The group face danger at every turn, but within the danger, the conflict and the quest to find the ultimate truth, there is a deep sense of connection. In its essence, it is a beautiful love story.

The relationship between all the characters is engaging, often electric. The first time Taya meets the prophet, Dezmind (face to face), I could feel the power in them, and the more time I spent with them, the more I grew to love them. But I liked getting to know each member of the group as they journeyed together, fought for each other, and drew on each others strength. I can’t say too much about what they faced in the desert, without giving too much away. I enjoyed it so much I don’t want to spoil it for you.

I said it earlier – this story is too good to miss.


Melissa6 portraitBio

M.J. Moores began her career as an English teacher in Ontario, Canada. Her love of storytelling and passion for writing has writing has stayed with her since the age of nine. M. J. relishes tales of adventure and journeys of self-realization. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres but speculative fiction remains her all time favourite.

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Lower EducationBy A. M. Leibowitz

All right, I’m showing my age a little with the title of this post. Please don’t leave me hanging…tell me someone else remembers that show.

Aside from strolling down my childhood lane, the title refers to something I never thought I’d be doing: a book launch. Sure, I had notions about maybe someday publishing something. I figured I’d start small, send a story to a web site or a magazine, but never anything as huge (to me) as a novel.

Yet here I am, less than two weeks from the official release day. The feeling is a strange mix of anticipation, disbelief, and terror. What if people hate it? What if they don’t hate it? I remember telling a fellow author that I was more afraid that my publisher would like my novel than that she wouldn’t. I look back on that and laugh—sort of. Hopefully, I’ll look back on this and laugh too.

The process has been quite a ride. Since my publisher is small, I’ve had to do a lot of the leg work myself, just as anyone familiar with self-publishing can understand. Fortunately, my already-published friends have been amazing. They’ve taken me in, mentored me, and introduced me to other authors. I feel amazingly fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of people.

Along this journey, I’ve had the chance to write guest posts, do author interviews, and host other writers on my blog. A whole group of people were kind enough to share my cover reveal, and another group read my book for review.

That may be the thing that’s surprised me most. I think of myself as a passable writer—I’m not writing high literature, and I’ll never be featured in a high school English class. My husband affectionately termed my style “YA for adults.” Yet somehow, people have actually liked the story—a lot. I’m blown away by all the people whose first reaction was, “I couldn’t put it down.”

I don’t say that to brag; I say it to encourage my fellow writers. We are always our own worst critics. We believe we’re not good enough, not qualified enough, not worthy enough. Well, guess what? We are. We are good and qualified and worthy, and we have every right to believe it.

I suppose that’s the lesson here: Don’t give up or give in. It’s a bit clichéd, I know, but it’s still good advice. Happy writing, and I hope to see you on the other side of the journey!

Author bio:

A. M. Leibowitz

A. M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family.

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The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

collins_promo (1)Book Info

Title: The New Mrs. Collins Author: Quanie Miller Genre: Paranormal Release Date: October 13, 2014

Book Blurb

In the small town of Carolville, Louisiana, no one knows that Adira Collins inherited mystic powers from her great grandmother. All they know is that she’s beautiful, poised, graceful, and ruthless—especially when it comes to love. And no one knows that more than Leena Williams, who was all set to marry the man of her dreams until Adira swooped into town and stole the man’s heart.

Being left at the altar is bad enough, but Leena and her ex share custody of their son, so she has to see the new Mrs. Collins on a regular basis.

And it burns every time she does.

But soon, Leena starts to suspect that there is more to Adira Collins than meets the eye. And it’s not because she owns some kinky lingerie shop or allegedly insulted the pastor’s wife—it’s the strange way she can make a door close without touching it, or take one look at something and make it drop dead at her feet.

Leena starts digging for answers and soon discovers that, unlike her public persona, Adira’s true nature is somewhere on the other side of grace. She also learns, a little too late, that some secrets are better left buried.


Sister Jenkins looked around Leticia’s house and found a can of gasoline in the garage. She grabbed a pack of matches from a utility drawer, and without saying a single word, walked out of that house and headed towards Auburn Lane. It was night when she finally got there. When she looked back, she noticed that the other women had followed her. She poured the gasoline liberally onto the grass and lit the match. The fire was quick and lovely. Sister Jenkins stood there with the can of gasoline dangling from her pinky as she watched the fire waltz its way towards the Collins household.

It was not long before the door opened. Adira came out into the yard and fixed her gaze upon Sister Jenkins and the other women before turning her attention to the flames. Sister Jenkins backed away and was just about to tell the other women to do the same when something extraordinary happened: Adira stuck out one finger and the fire formed a single line. She wrapped it around her forefinger and, like a lasso, whipped it back out and sent it chasing after the women who stood in front of her home. It was not until Willemena screamed that her foot was on fire that they realized what was actually happening and fled from there with the fire licking at their heels. By the time the police came and arrested them for arson, Butter Bean complained that her scalp was now itching so badly that she begged the police officers to please, for the love of God, shoot her in the head.


Quanie Miller grew up in New Iberia, Louisiana. She fell in love with reading at an early age and spent most of her time at the Iberia Parish Library discovering authors like R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike (she was often found walking back home from the library with a stack of books that went up to her chin). She holds degrees from Louisiana State University and San Jose State University. She has been the recipient of the James Phelan Literary Award, the Louis King Thore Scholarship, the BEA Student Scriptwriting Award, and the Vicki Hudson Emerging Writing Prize. She is the author of The New Mrs. Collins, a southern paranormal novel, and It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy, a romantic comedy. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and is currently, as always, working on another novel. To find out more about Quanie and her works in progress visit

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