Protagonists on a cat walk – #WeekendCoffeeShare

Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster).
Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster).

If we were having coffee you would soon realise I have a one track mind today – my new obsession. So, until you lost the will to listen to any more on the subject, I would talk about my aim to write series fiction. Yesterday it was a possibility, today it is a probability. I didn’t get a wink of sleep because ideas are literally parading through my mind like protagonists on a cat walk!

At three o’clock this morning I was blaming Rebecca for planting the seed, the fiction series Yesterday’s Gone for being so entertaining, Taylor for encouraging Riley (a character who was supposed to wait his turn), and Eloise for cheering me on! Eventually the buck stopped where it belonged – right in my lap.

If we were having coffee, I would pause for breath and ask about your experiences, if any, with series fiction. I’d also ask about your projects and life in general. I’m not completely selfish!

You would understand how serious I am about this project because I already have a loose plan – I know, it’s a shocker, right? In the UK, television series tend to have a shorter run than the US. We normally get around 12 episodes. I’ve already decided I will follow this format, and will be writing 12 episodes per season (one season per year). Because I couldn’t decide on Fantasy or Crime, I’m going to do both – one in the first six months of the year, one in the last. For the crime I will be focusing on a new close protection team, but as the group work closely with Morgan and Fairchild, there’ll be opportunities for a little crossover.

I have a (tentative) title for the Fantasy series. At the moment I’m calling it The Collective, but that might yet change. I like the idea of multiple authors writing series fiction, so I’m playing around with possibilities there too.

So, during our second cup of happy, the subject would be all talked out and we would settle in to discuss weekend plans and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. There are more trials for me at the moment, but I am clinging to the positive vibes my friends invariably send in my direction, which complement my stubborn will. While we’re on the subject of friends, I would babble excitedly about Callum’s new poetry collection (which is terrific), and the fact I’m about to start Winter’s new release (an anthology) – Secret Identities. I can’t wait to get started!

I would tell you how much I enjoy spending time with you during these weekly get togethers, and we would head over to Diana’s place to show our appreciation for her special brand of awesome.

Until next time