The tools of the trade

I’ve been trying to build the other site I manage, and add interesting content. It’s important for the readers to get something out of it too. I’d like to develop a section on technique, though there are plenty of writing tips our there. It would be nice to have a platform where other writers, and readers too, can talk about some of the tools they use.

Character development is one of the areas I’m particularly interested in. There are many things I have to learn, and tools I’m picking up along the way. One of those is how to keep the character I’m working with at the forefront of my mind. People who read my blog will know that I often have several projects running at once, so when I need to ‘channel’ a character, and channel quickly, there are one or two tricks I use.

The first is referring to their profile and any notes I have. I’m sure the more you spend time with each character, the more they become like old friends and the minute details about them will be easy to recall. When you have dozens vying for attention, it’s not always that easy. For example, I can normally tell you about my characters personality traits, and know instinctively how they react in certain situations, but I don’t always remember their birthday!

On the flip side of the coin, and as a reader, I often want to learn more about my favourite characters. Unless that character has appeared in a series, it’s not always possible to learn their habits. On the occasions when authors have provided a profile, I’ve found this helps tremendously.

With that in mind, I’ve added a profile for Jonathan Jukes, the protagonist in Hands of Evil. You can find it on the relevant page, should you be interested to learn more about JJ.

In a similar fashion, I subjected JJ to an interview and posted this to the other site. There’s a link if you wish to find out more about that.

As always, I welcome comments and discussion, especially experiences from the other readers and writers out there.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time.