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VVain attempt at humour 

Aspiring writers are often told to write about what they know, and certainly the things they enjoy. Being ourselves, being free to explore, is both a wonderful and scary experience. Writing can be very personal. It’s like giving others a view into our soul.  

When it comes to humour, it can be tough to gauge what audiences find amusing. What we deem funny, doesn’t always tickle another’s funny bone! The fascinating thing about using comedy in our work, is learning what makes a reader laugh – what translates and what doesn’t. 

Often, it takes us by surprise when a reader feeds back that they laughed out loud at a point we didn’t expect. I mean, we laugh at our own jokes – who doesn’t? – but we can gain new appreciation for a character or scene through the eyes of another. Writing really is a gift that keeps on giving! 

Though, given that writing is also a difficult job, (trials and tribulations aside), we deserve a little light entertainment. So, if the tears you’re shedding as you tap away are from amusement instead of misery, then who cares if you’re the only one laughing! 


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[WR101 Prompt Series] Weird & Whacky Wednesdays' – Prompt #10

I’m using pictures as the inspiration for this week’s theme. Your whacky Wednesday image is courtesy of  Mick Huett and can be found on flickr. The piece is entitled Nilsson monowheel:1936

Nilsson monowheel 1936

Have fun 🙂


Welcome to the WR101 Prompt Series. A daily prompt incorporating our love of fiction in all its forms.

I’ve tried not to set too many rules, but there are a few guidelines:

  • Create a post based on the prompt and provide a pingback or link in the comments section of the relevant page.
  • Any form of fiction is welcome; flash-fiction, micro-fiction, stories on a postcard, poetry – you don’t need to put labels on it, you just need to write.
  • Follow the theme on each given day. Here is a breakdown of the week by genre:

Mystery on Mondays’ – a place for mystery and suspense.

Thrilling Tuesdays’ – for all things related to the crime and thriller genres.

Weird and Whacky Wednesdays’ – for stories of a comedic nature.

Terrifying Thursdays’ – for tales of horror.

Fictional Fridays’ – a catch-all prompt for general fiction

Seductive Saturdays’ – a place for romance

Sci-Fi Sundays’ – take us to new worlds.

That’s it! Be respectful of others’ work and always provide constructive feedback.

If you have any suggestions for these prompts, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy the prompt series and look forward to reading your contributions.

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The Black Widow’s Tale – An Ode to Husband Killing

I was challenged by a writer friend of mine, Mark Morris, to write an ode to husband killing. So after spending much time online, being haunted by the greats and all things stressed and un-stressed, I decided to got with the traditional rhyming form of A B A B C D E C D E (for each 10-line stanza), with an unstructured, free form approach for a little light relief. I apologise to the poets among you!

The Black Widow’s Tale
The first one was good with his hands
and built me a house with a view
a great little spot on the sands
a paradise made for two
The guy was polite to a fault
and left me the deeds in his will
So I gave him a kiss with my axe
And proceeded straight to the vault
Before savouring my very first kill


The second was an architect too
and doubled the size of my land
He hired a talented crew
to keep up with my every demand
In the end he became rather dull
a bore who was sugar and spice
So I ended his life with a hammer
by braining him up side the skull
and paying the ultimate price
with a nice healthy stint in the slammer


Husbands three and four are a blur
and pale in significance to five
A man who caused quite a stir
one I’d intended to keep alive
But he had something else planned
much worse than my two by four
He wanted to end my dream
and after gaining the upper hand
he filled my nights with gore
and took pleasure in hearing me scream