A little reflection – ROW80

I’m late for my Wednesday check in, but at least I made it – I missed the last few. There are reasons for that; the internet for one, and an increased work load. There’s also the fact I failed at NaNo, or perhaps I should say, I failed to achieve the required word count. I knew going in there was a chance I couldn’t dedicate the required time – I was juggling too many things. Because of that I also failed to connect with people as I did last year, which is a big reason I felt no motivation to reach the finish line. I was impulsive (nothing new in that respect) and decided to register at the last minute. It had something to do with a certain fireman talking incessantly in my head and reminding me that I’d promised him his day to shine almost two years ago. So, despite everything I’m really glad I set some of my time aside. Tyler is an absolute joy and once I start something I always try to finish. He’ll get more of my attention and in that respect I’m a winner!

When I began ROW80 I set myself baby steps and for the most part have managed to achieve them. That said, as there are only a few weeks left, this will probably be my last check-in. I will still be making the rounds and cheering people on – fulfilling my sponsor duties. It has been the best part for me.

I’m struggling a little at the moment. I’m feeling pretty low and finding the motivation to do anything is quite a challenge. I’m used to these moods and I’m doing all the right things to snap me out of the funk. The lovely Taylor Grace introduced me to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the escapism has helped. I love the series, so thanks, Taylor! I’ve neglected Tyler a little, and haven’t been writing much of anything, but that’s something I’m familiar with too, so when the compulsion strikes I’ll delve into the fire – literally. I left him fighting a warehouse fire. Thankfully he has it under control 🙂

So, right now I need my internet friends. I’m going to visit some blogs, check in with people and hopefully get to read one of Callum’s poems 🙂

Thanks for listening.


On taking a guilt-free break – WIPpet Wednesday and a ROW80 check-in

Welcome to another round of WIPpet Wednesday, a feature created by K. L. Schwengel. This week I’ve been editing The Fractured and, as I wrote a new section, I thought I would share with you. I kept the maths simple, and used fifteen paragraphs to align with the date.

Maddison roamed the great halls, her eyes blind to the ancient beauty of her surroundings. Instead she was tormented by memories of Tobias Locke, the half-blood leader of the Enchanted League.

He needed her help. Tobias trusted few outside the league. As a freelance hunter, she regularly crossed his path. More than once they had formed a tentative alliance, a partnership of sorts.

She hadn’t accepted the assignment. Yet. She would, despite the fact he was an ass. An ass who had kissed her and completely changed the rules of their relationship. He hadn’t just crossed the line, he’d obliterated it. And the worst part. She had enjoyed the kiss. His sensuous mouth had dominated her dreams ever since he’d so carelessly laid one on her. Though at least the fantasies held back her nightmares. Perhaps she should thank him for that. Beating him bloody probably didn’t count.

“Who crapped all over your day?”

She turned to Jonas, their self-proclaimed matriarch at hunters-are-us. He was the only human among their band of merry fighters.

“The Enchanted League,” she grinned at him. “But you know I never turn down a paid gig.”

“Or the chance to get your hands dirty,” he said, eyebrow raised when she opened the electronic door with the flick of a wrist.

“Well there is that.” She laughed, falling into step beside him as they made their way down the long stretch of corridor.

After the demonic war, a battle which had devastated the mortal realm, buildings like this one were all but extinct. Once a prominent part of the community, the town hall was now a base of operations. The former meeting rooms they passed had been transformed into living quarters and housed the mercenaries fighting to keep people safe.

For the most part, humans kept to the major cities. They lived a kind of ignorant bliss; aware that monsters were real, yet convinced they were safe now the war was over.

“Have you thought any more about the Alliance?” Jonas asked, and she wasn’t fooled by his casual tone.

The Race Alliance existed outside of the mortal realm, and had been established to keep order. They had shown an interest in her skills. In a way she was being head-hunted by the big leagues.

“You know me.” She shrugged. “I like my freedom.”

“I get that and, don’t get me wrong, you’re one of the best freelancers we have…”

She stopped outside her room. “But?”

“But I don’t want you to waste an opportunity. The Alliance would be lucky to have you.”

I know you were probably hoping for more from Obadiah, and I haven’t forgotten about him. I’ll probably share him next week, he’s been getting up to mischief 🙂

So, that just leaves my update on ROW80.

I still haven’t made a great deal of progress. My daughter was thirteen yesterday and I’ve given her my undivided attention for the past few days. We’ve had fun, and best of all, the break from writing was guilt free. For the most part I’ve achieved my blogging goals, and though my writing hours leave a lot to be desired, I’m ahead in terms of editing. So, it’s not all doom and gloom, as it was on Sunday!

I hope you’re all have a good week, and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


No excuses – ROW80 Check in

I’m not going to bombard you with excuses as to why I’ve made little progress since Wednesday – I’ve completely neglected my goals. I wrote no new words, and edited none of my current WIP *hangs head in shame.*

To make matters worse, I’m late with the prompt for Featured Fiction this week, and so behind on visiting my favourite blogs I’m not sure how I’ll catch up. I fully expect you to shake your head in a derisive manner, with a few ‘tut-tuts’ thrown in 🙂

I am going to finish on a positive, and by no means defensive note, though. I honoured my sponsor duties, gave cheer where cheer was needed and met some amazing people. So it’s worth it. I also added a new section to Writing Room 101. There is now an Author Gallery, for spotlighting authors and their work.

I’ll catch up with you Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.