Resting My Eyes – Weekend Coffee Share: 23 April 2016

weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee, I would apologise for my absence last week. It was my birthday, and I was away for the weekend. It was my eldest daughter’s birthday too – the day before mine. She was born at 7.40pm on the 15th of April – the absolute best early birthday present.

It’s hard to believe that she’s seventeen. She has her provisional licence and in the next few weeks she begins learning to drive. How the time flies. I was going to share my photos from last weekend, but there are just too many of them – it was a big family affair. So I decided on a kind of then and now. I cheated a little, the first photograph is actually on my birthday, so she’s a day old. I think I beat her dad over the head with the camera on the 15th (not really), so I seem to be missing shots from the actual day. The second photograph is her birthday this year. I’m so proud of my gorgeous girl (and in case my youngest is reading this, which isn’t likely – I’m proud of you too!)

Lissy 1999 and 2016

If we were having coffee I would let you get a word in so you could catch me up on all your news from the past two weeks. I would tell you I’ve been busy at work, so I’m glad I got the chance to take a break.

I would also tell you that I’m having trouble sleeping again. My patterns are all over the place. I used to have a problem getting to sleep, now the journey into slumber land is not the issue – it’s staying there. I wake up after an hour or two, and eventually give up on sleep. The fatigue is wearing on me, and my processing skills have taken a hit. I’ve been interpreting long enough to have coping strategies in place, but still, I’m glad I haven’t accepted any assignments that require additional brain power, though I did interpret a course on philosophy and the lecturer threw Socrates at me. If I were being paranoid, I’d swear he did it on purpose. It could have been worse, he could have quoted from Plato’s Symposium  – not the easiest text to translate.

If we were having coffee I would therefore add another shot of caffeine to mine, and be quiet for a while, so you could share more of your adventures. And no, that doesn’t mean I’d fall asleep in my cup – I can be a good listener. Sometimes I just listen with my eyes closed.

Afterwards, it would be time to head to Diana’s place – our gracious host for the weekend coffee share.

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Laura Josephine is now 20!

I’ve already posted on my personal blog about what I hope to achieve before the next anniversary of my escape from the womb. They’re pretty standard things, and ones I fell I could reasonably achieve. I also hope to spend more time updating this blog. There’s a lot going on in my world. I’ve just had the Christmas holidays where my dad visited for the first time ever from England, my boyfriend’s and my own’s birthdays have already happened this year and I’m just starting to feel like I’m in the swing of things at my full time job. I’m actually really enjoying it there, but that’s a separate thing.

My point is, that all the things going on in my life seem to be conspiring to not let me write. The fantastic thing about NaNoWriMo, was that I could literally say “Sorry, I’m staying in to write tonight” and that was a perfectly valid excuse. The night of my own birthday party, not so much. It also helped that I only had full-time hours for the last week of November, and I was in a lower position where I could doodle ideas as I worked. 

This post could go on forever listing reasons I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like and also talking about how I would like to change that, but I’m sticking to the positive. I am no longer a teenager, I shall spend the night tonight catching up with friends I haven’t seen enough of in 2013 and making full use of my still-young liver. And from the start of March, I will have Thursdays of and will aim to post on both my personal blog and this one each week. I know that’s a little bit off, but that’s how rosters work in big companies like mine!

I’m not leaving, and I will endeavor to post every weekend. But I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a happy and productive year.

Happy birthday to me!