Day 1 – A Novel Idea (Sort of!)

collective logo smallDay one of seventy-nine went as well as it could. There was a little family drama but other than that, I managed to stay focused. I still don’t have a title, but I’ve decided to go with the flow. I do have some names to announce. I gave readers the opportunity to name a character, a place/building and a virus. Here are details of the winners:-

Character name: Ruby Nettle or Vicious Ruby suggested by Lily Dodds McConnachie.

Place/building name: Veridiem (Truth Day) suggested by author M.J. Moores.

Virus: Fatuinia Agotismus suggested by Chris Heptonstall.

Keeping with the whole 26 theme (2.6 Challenge), below I’ve shared the first 206 words. I’ll edit the hell out of them another time, I’m just glad there are actual words!

Maddison had been away from Merc Hall for so long, she barely recognised the place. It hadn’t always had a kick-ass moniker – honouring the hunters who had taken up residence – but it had always held a certain appeal.

Once a prominent part of the community, its large imposing presence was still a beacon of hope for those making shit happen. Namely the hunter cell who had claimed the space and made it their own.

Now there was a darkness to it, a sense of neglect she found grated along her already frayed nerves. The large windows were like gaping mouths – especially given the gothic architecture – the spires making it appear more beast than haven.

She was tired of preparing for a war that would turn out to be the same crap with a different name. The mortal realm had barely recovered from the last one and everyone could use a damn break.

After returning home from an extended mission, she had been looking forward to shooting the breeze with her buddies. What she hadn’t expected was to find a moping, sorry excuse for a welcoming committee. Make that a party of one, and that one didn’t count since it was a soldier… (she didn’t recognise, who happened to be taking a smoking break.)

I aim to post updates on a weekly basis. Today, that’s about it! I’d better get back to Maddy…there’s still time to play before the night is up!

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