Easier said than done #AtoZChallenge – Peculiar ‘Pen fellows’ – Quirks only a writer can understand

peculiar penfellows

EEasier said than done

Okay, picture this. Your novel is finished, the latest word count is around ninety thousand words, and you’re finally satisfied the story is ready to share with your betas. After all the blood, ink and tears, the sleepless nights, the assurances to your family that you’re still alive inside your writing cave, you’re practically buzzing with accomplishment. Now, riding your wave of success, you consider the next steps. But, before you have time to crank up the music and break out the happy dance, you realise you haven’t written the blurb yet. At which point, the wave dumps you on your ass, or more likely hits you in the face with a dose of reality. Your head starts to pound, your palms are sweaty, and suddenly you’re staring at a blank screen in horror.


That’s one scenario. And it doesn’t really matter when you decide to sketch out the blurb; before, during or after your novel. The fact remains that, for most of us, we’d rather write an entire novel than a brief snapshot. What should be relatively easy, turns into a nightmare of epic proportions. Alright, fine, it’s not that bad, but it’s still an incredible amount of pressure. It has to be concise, appealing, and somehow capture the essence of the work. It’s not like your characters can jump off the page screaming ‘pick me, pick me’, though that would be a unique kind of pop-up book wouldn’t it?

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