Saturday Book Club – 26 March 2016

I got a little side tracked with my reading this week. I’m still reading Rogue Lawyer, but a friend told me about a book called ‘Why Does E=mc²?’ by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw and, like I said…side tracked. It’s heavy, but written in an engaging tone, which is often amusing, so when you have to reread a paragraph to let it sink in, you have fun doing it! The theories relating to space and time are fascinating, so I got completely caught up.

I’m reading them simultaneously, which is a nice balance, but means I haven’t romped through Grisham’s book as I would normally do. So, rain check on my thoughts about that particular adventure. I have a few days off work, so I’m sure I’ll catch up.

Moving on from reading, a blogging friend, Jacqui Murray, shared photographs of her work space this week, and you can check that out by clicking here. I thought I would share my own space with you, as I do most of my writing, and reading, sitting at my desk. Here is what my office looks like – it’s suprising what you can do with a box room!

PicMonkey Collage

In terms of writing, I’ve been trying to create character profiles for The Collective to display on the website. I thought it might be good for readers to follow along with the series and get to know the main players a little better. I’ve had a few formatting issues, so I’m still working on that. I also want to create a glossary, and that is next on my agenda. It’s almost time to release the first episode, so that’s exciting. With that in mind, I thought I would share a sneak peak with you – the introduction to Esha Tomas.

“Damn, vampires,” Esha muttered, pacing the courtyard. “Why do we continue to put up with Isaac’s crap?”

Leela tried, but failed, to cover her amusement. “I’m not sure where to start with that. First, your best friend is a vampire, and second, Isaac is his brother, and, do I need to remind you, a Noble Shield.”

“Yes, and I ask myself the why of that last one every day.”

Esha was a Noble Shield, as was Leela, their best friend Aaron, and his idiot brother, Isaac. There were thirteen Shields in total, all in service to Constance, the Siren Queen.

“Let Aaron deal with it,” Leela said in a placating tone. “Constance respects him.”

“It’s the only reason Isaac is still alive.” Esha glanced across at the enormous stone pillars that sat astride the steps leading to the palace. She didn’t see the noble architecture, the glistening stone that formed part of the land, her thoughts were on Aaron. It stung that he felt it was his duty to face Constance alone. They had his back in all things, but his brother had brought shame to the family, to their queen, and Aaron took the responsibility for Isaac’s actions. He always did.

Esha’s wings twitched. She longed to take flight. As a siren, she was part bird and, warrior or not, she was at her best in the sky. She often chose her half-form, like now, because she liked the feel of her wings. Her head dropped back and she looked up, following the path of one of her comrades as she flew out to scout the area.

“You’ll be able to stretch your wings soon enough,” Leela said beside her, the desire to shift as powerful as Esha’s.

Esha nodded. Their region was vast. Marsacre was one of the largest in Nearyon. It sat beside Valcrest, home of the Enraptured; Aaron’s true home. But their friend had chosen to serve Constance, and in doing so, his loyalty was to her. Esha and Leela shared that loyalty, but they also swore to protect one another. When Aaron began his journey, they would accompany him, whether he liked it or not.

Her body froze the moment she caught the scent of their friend’s arrogance. By the gods, but there was no denying Aaron had balls the size of cantaloupe.

She watched him, friend and fellow descendent of the Clanderians and, as she did, Esha considered their differences. They were both part of the same fucked-up gene pool, but in many ways – they were kin. His steps were sure, his posture deceptively relaxed. He had skin the colour of burnt treacle, with eyes so dark they stole some of the light. Yes, he was a magnificent creature. She gave him credit for holding his powers in check. He didn’t even try to buffer her annoyance. He never did.

That’s it from me this week and, as always, I want to know what you’re reading, what projects, if any, you have on the go – anything you want to share.

Thanks for stopping by.


16 responses to “Saturday Book Club – 26 March 2016”

  1. What a wonderful workspace, Mel. It’s so busy, creative–you couldn’t look anywhere and not be energized. I’m wondering about the scissors so convenient to your right hand? And the two monitors–don’t they make writing perfect?

    Thanks for sharing these.

    • They absolutely do. I couldn’t live without my dual monitors. And I’m usually creating something if not writing so I have a ridiculous number of scissors (my daughter always steals them!)

  2. I love that you stepped into one of my areas of geekdom; physics! “Why Does E=mc²?” sounds like a good read. I love when science books are humorous.

    I like your idea for character profiles. When I fall in love with a character I like to have lots to read about them.

    This week has been about nutrition, THRIVE Life, and Reiki sessions, which means that I need to catch up with my three WIPs. That’s what today is for, well, mostly. 😉

    I finished “Brothers In Arms” this morning. Such a nice way to start the day. I’m starting “Mind Games” by Carolyn Crane. It was a Vaginal Fantasy book of the month selection back when I was part of that club. I couldn’t keep up with their reading pace, which is why I stopped participating. I believe they read this book two years ago. Ah, well. I loved being introduced to so many books I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    Thanks for this week’s Saturday Book Club!

    • Thanks for stopping by Gina. It can be tough to keep up with a group reading, which is a shame because book groups can be a lot of fun. There isn’t one in my area. I’m glad you enjoyed Andrew’s story and hope you have fun with the next adventure in Mind Games. It sounds as though you are as busy as ever! I hope you got the chance to work on your writing projects. I look forward to hearing about them. Happy Easter – I hope you had a lovely weekend ❤

      • It is tough for me to keep up with their pace, which is why when we have a buddy read on we have a much slower pace.
        I am as busy as ever, and also very inspired and happy. I worked on my most time sensitive WIP twice last week and made good progress.
        Thank you! I hope you had a lovely weekend, too.

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