Saturday Book Club

Welcome, I hope you had a good week. I am having a lazy Saturday. I’ve almost finished Crossing Bedlam, a novel by Charles Yallowitz, so I’m in my lazy-day clothes. All my jobs are done, and I can camp out on the sofa and finish the adventure. I will be writing a review, so next week I can share the highlights.

I travelled quite a lot this week, so as I can’t read and drive (how great would it be if we all had KIT to rely on), I listened to an audio book. It’s an old favourite – the In Death series by JD Robb (Nora Roberts). I also find my household chores get done a lot quicker, because I get lost in the story and ‘voila’ the rooms are as neat as a pin – well, okay, not quite. But close enough.

saturday book club

Writing wise, it has been all about the Collective. The gang follow me around just about everywhere I go, and I find writing a serial is a new kind of challenge. There is so much to remember, I’ve been forced to adapt my current system just to keep up. I know some writers who tackle a project working almost in reverse. So they write the final scene first. I never understood this until the Collective. I wrote the final scene to episode four first, because it was so clear in my mind I had to get it down. It had a curious effect because everything slotted into place as the team clawed their way towards the cliff-hanger.

That’s another interesting part. I have to create a cliff hanger at the end of each episode, with the final scene of the season incorporating an explosive finale. Not altogether different from a novel, but it feels more immediate, certainly more structured. I should have done this years ago!

Now all I have to do is decide where to publish the episodes. The full season will be available as a set, but in the meantime, how do I release the monthly instalments. It is a dilemma!

Right, so enough about me. I have my coffee ready, the goodies out (I’m so organised today). Tell me about you. What are you reading? How are the writing projects going? Did you have any interesting blogging adventures? Talk to me!



30 responses to “Saturday Book Club”

  1. Glad to hear things have been going well 🙂

    I’ve just finished reading The Bees by Laline Paull. It’s set within a hive but is clear allegory for human society, discussing issues such as hierarchy and entitlement. I loved the concept and themes but definitely had some issues with it. I’m planning to start Alex + Ada tonight, the first in a graphic novel series about artificial intelligence which I’ve heard good things about 🙂

  2. I’ve gotten into serials lately, thanks to writing a lesson plan for middle schoolers about writing a serialized group novel (though the Plan calls for vignettes). It’s an art that isn’t done so much anymore, but many of the great writers started that way. I wonder: Would you be interested in writing a guest post for WordDreams for my Descriptors series about ’10 Tips for writing a serialized novel’ or lessons you learned while writing this novel? We could link back to your published works. I’d love to host you. Let me know!

  3. Hi, Mel. With the Collective, I know Renee somehow sells individual episodes in PDF form for 99 cents each. Otherwise you could post on the usual sites with perhaps the first chapter(s) on Wattpad?

      • Np. Wasn’t sure whether you were pricing them free or not so Wattpad would be good. Depending on whether you were planning just to release the serial on as many platforms as possible (free) to direct sales of the main series, you could try Inkitt. Though I have never entered any of their contests. MY or may not appeal to you as an avid self-publisher.

      • Thanks for your advice, Louise. Wattpad is a definite. I’ve also decided to publish them free with Smashwords as they have a few format options for people to choose from. I’m probably also going to publish the first chapter of each episode on my website, with a link to a pdf document, should readers wish to access the instalment that way 🙂

  4. In reference to what you said about not reading and driving at the same time… that’s the very reason I am so excited and hopeful for Google’s self-driving cars.

  5. I’m going to catch up with the In Death series soon, too! I’ve read up to Celebrity In Death.

    I started chapter 7 of Brothers In Arms this morning. The story is moving right along, building my interest. 🙂

    For writing, I put a few solid hours into The Reiki Cafe’s Level III (ART) Manual. I love the subject and my co-author and I have a lot to say about it!

    My big adventure this week was launching the THRIVE Life March Madness sale. I’m excited about the addition of their amazing food to my Cafe!

  6. Hi Mel! I’m in the edit stage on Hills and Valleys, the third Ambeth book, and am gearing up for April Camp NaNoWriMo, where I’ll be writing (hopefully) my vampire book. A third book is out for submission – 😁 Add in a chest infection, a huge to-read list and daily life, and I’m pretty busy at the moment! Glad to hear your series is going well xx

  7. I just finished the fourth book in my detective series. I’ve received my feedback from the editor and it’s minimal. Now on to the cover reveal and all of that fun stuff. I’m continuing to write my serial, Road Kill, on my blog in weekly installments. I’m reading The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even though it was written nearly 100 years ago, it still stands up. I’m continually amazed by the response to my blog. It’s become addicting fun.

    • hear you on the addiction to blogging. This last six months I haven’t had as much time so I’m having withdrawal symptoms! I will check out your serial and how you structure it. I wanted to put my episodes on my website but they are 18,000 words plus! I love detective novels so will check those out, too. The Hound of the Baskervilles is a classic 🙂

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