A long time coming – update on Brothers in Arms

At long last, Brothers in Arms, the third installment of the Morgan and Fairchild series, is ready to go to print. When I started the book, I had a clear picture of where I wanted it to go, which is pretty rare for me. Perhaps that is the reason I had so many problems writing it!

You may remember, but I wrote a short story as part of a story a day in September of last year. It was my intention to release the story as a novella – a prequel to Brothers in Arms. Then, during another round of editing, a round in which my characters drove me absolutely crazy because they were not playing ball, I discovered some elements of the short story worked better as part of the main novel. So I took what I needed from it, reworked things, and I finally have something I’m happy with.

That said, I still need a little help. I settled on a synopsis I can live with (I always dread the blurb), but it would be great if you could offer feedback before I commit and press go!

morgan and fairchild

So here it is…the blurb for Brothers in Arms:

Four years ago, Andrew Butcher dropped off the grid. Now he is back, and determined to reconnect with his family. But Andrew is playing a dangerous game. In accepting the position as head of security for a known criminal, he risks alienating those he respects and admires – starting with his cousin, Kelvin Fairchild.

Kelvin is well aware that Andrew is haunted by the ghosts of his past, and he is prepared to let Andrew fight the demons in his own way. That is, until he learns Andrew’s secrets. As their paths collide, Kelvin finally understands that his cousin faces a very real threat. The kind of danger that has repercussions for them all.

At the centre of it all, a missing teenager fights for her life. She is the key to bringing the pieces together; Kelvin and his obsession with a woman hiding a terrible secret; Justin Chambers, a member of his team on a personal mission, and Ellen Parker – the fiery protector.

Ellen is a former Troop Commander with the Royal Artillery. In her role at Morgan and Fairchild, she has a reputation for being tough, loyal, and someone who always gets the job done. Andrew and Ellen share a past, one she would sooner forget. But circumstances force her hand, and though Ellen tries to resist, every road leads back to Andrew and a case that will change everything.


What do you think? Does it make you want to read it? Any feedback is appreciated.

At the end of the week I will be posting a cover reveal. I intend to publish Brothers in Arms on the 30 January 2016, and if anyone is interested in helping with a release post, I would appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance.


31 responses to “A long time coming – update on Brothers in Arms”

  1. I think it sounds exciting and I have not read any of the material. I want to know more, definitely!!! Of course, you know I will be happy to assist in any way I can. I love being part of your release parties. Way to go, Mel!!! ❤

  2. I like how the blurb starts, but each paragraph seems to be an isolated rollercoaster. It starts, rises, and ends on tension. Almost like there are four different stories that are going on, but Andrew is the most important because he came first. Weird as it sounds, paragraphs 2-3 seem almost too much. #1 is powerful and works off the idea that this is the continuation of a series. That and Ellen kind of comes out of left field at the end.

  3. I like the blurb though see what Charles means,. Personally I’d keep the missing girl as it adds an intrigue. I imagine can tie into Ellen. Maybe skip para two which feels isolated and link the other three?
    Not sure what you have in mind with a release post but always willing to help a fellow indie.

    • Thanks, Geoff – for both the feedback and the offer of help. I was just going to provide a release post with links, excerpt and the like. Nothing fancy! 😀 As for the blurb – I’ll play around some more!

  4. Well it certainly got me hyped 🙂 I’ve been anticipating this release since reading books one & two, and look forward to the cover reveal.

    As for feedback, I don’t think I could add much aside from what’s already been said. I’m sure you’ll iron out any little kinks 🙂

  5. I think the book sounds great! but as has already been mentioned, the blurb maybe a bit long… Would you be interested in doing my first draft Q&A where at the end we add your three most important links and the blurb and cover of your book? X

  6. Hi Melissa – congratulations on finishing your latest book! I’d be very happy to help with a release post, just let me know when 🙂 And I agree with Chris in that the blurb is a little long for the back of a book – however, it sounds like a great story! xx

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