Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Dickens and Hope

Writer's Quote Wednesday

It’s been a while since I took part in Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This month, to celebrate the festive season, the focus is on Christmas and other religious festivals which occur during December. Over at Silver Threading it’s a Hanukah theme.

My quotes this week relate to the spirit of Christmas, rather than the tradition itself. I love this time of year, because it’s all about a sense of community, of sharing and spreading joy.

Bob Hope.jpg

Charles Dickens.jpg

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13 responses to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Dickens and Hope”

  1. Two of my absolute favorite Christmas quotes, Mel. Well done. I love the spirit of Christmas too and wish we all were this kind all year long. Although, my daughter who works in retail says the people are absolutely horrible this time of year. Just goes to show you that we all need to have the spirit of Christmas all the time! ❤

    • So true! I avoid shopping at this time of year because there are some crazy shoppers out there! Serious it’s like they’re in a frenzy – Christmas fever or something! I feel for your daughter 😀

  2. I agree with Bob. Why do we have to wait until Christmas? If people were half as kind, generous, and patient all year round, as they are during the Christmas season the world would be a much better place. Great quotes! ❤

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