Changing World: Day 24 – A Story A Day


A Story A Day – Prompt (24/9/15): Three Micro Stories. Flick through the gallery and pick the first three pictures that catch your attention. Now, write a short, 50-100 word story for each. No more than 100 words each.

I used the prompt today, and wrote a short piece for each photograph I chose. But I broke the rules, because I’m way behind schedule and almost didn’t make it today. I went over the word count, and continued a theme (which I’m sure is not the point to this exercise). But, still – there are words 🙂


Day 26

Today was a good day, a jewel to be treasured in this quagmire of crap.

It’s strange, but when you’ve faced Armageddon, looked that bitch in the eye and come out the other side, somehow you can still appreciate the little things. And it has to be said, it’s all about the little things. How many times are we told to stop and smell the roses? – It still applies when there are no longer any roses to smell. Even if that shit was never meant to be taken literally.

So, here I am watching a group of kids I somehow found myself responsible for, clamouring over a slide as though this were just an ordinary day. And I’ll give it to them, the ordinary. I’ll give it to them as often as possible.

foxDay 40

We saw a fox today, an honest to god fox. Just strolling down the road, as easy as you please. It had this crazy-assed look on its face, as though it were none too pleased by what it saw. Sure, we’re looking a little rough around the edges, barely recognisable – but that shit was funny! Denny drew a picture, Carlos sang a song, and Duncan threatened to eat the poor little bugger. That’s what hunger does to you, I guess. But it raised our spirits some. I’m not sure what we’ll find next, but whatever it is, we’ll face it. Just like we’ve faced everything else. And, sure, the world is an unfamiliar place, but we can still laugh about it. We can even sing.


Day 53

Today we stumbled upon a town almost untouched by the troubles. It scares the hell out of me. Not because it resembles a ghost town, but because it’s frozen. Unreal somehow. A step out of reality. The others decided we should stay a while. I’m not down with that. Not even a little bit. We found food, and a shit ton of supplies we’ll never be able to carry. We also got ourselves clean. But, I’m anxious. I got a bad feeling as soon as I saw the bike in the playground; shiny and new and parked as though someone would be back to collect it any minute. I just don’t trust this place, and the sooner we leave the better.

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6 thoughts on “Changing World: Day 24 – A Story A Day

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thanks, Callum 🙂 I haven’t used images for inspiration in a while, so it was fun. Got to tell you, though, when I got to my computer at 11pm last night, I was relieved by the prompt! Only 6 more days to go…I feel some stories on a postcard coming on 😉

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