Missing – Part 15 (Day 18) A Story A Day

Missing is part of an ongoing story, which I aim to turn into a novella – a prequel to Brothers in Arms (Book 3 of the Morgan and Fairchild Series). I’m taking part in the StoryADay September 2015 challenge, though, as I’m working on a continued tale, it’s not strictly a story a day. It’s more a story within a story. I’ve given myself a word limit of 600 words.
Recap: Justin Chambers, part of the team at Morgan & Fairchild, is approached by a friend who needs a favour. Justin accepts the missing person case, and agrees to look into it in his own time. Elsewhere in the story, Holly wakes in an unfamiliar room with no memory of how she got there. She soon discovers she is being held in an abandoned airfield, and her life is in danger. But Justin isn’t the only one with a mission. Andrew Butcher has been assigned to find Holly and, though he has strong ties to Morgan and Fairchild, he has his own team.

The vote yesterday was split, so I’ve decided to continue with the daily posts. There is a section on the site for readers who want to follow along at their own pace. Thanks to those who offered their feedback, and for the support.

Justin straightened the moment he caught sight of Detective Bobby Jones. His black hair was dishevelled, indicating he’d had a rough couple of hours. Considering he was Charles Macavoy’s partner at the Met, and those few hours probably involved homicide, Justin knew he had his work cut out for him.

“Hey, buddy. What can I do for you?” Bobby asked, all easy grace and charm.

He’d been wrong, Justin realised. Something, or someone else was responsible for the twinkle in Bobby’s eye.

“I need your help.”

“Shit.” Bobby eyed him for a minute. “Are you here to rain on my parade, Chambers?”

Justin smiled, flicking a glance over Bobby’s wrinkled shirt. “Is that even possible right now, what with your…over time and all.”

Bobby leaned against his car, not bothering to hide the smug grin. “You’re probably right.” He raised his brows, inviting Justin to continue.

“Tommy and I have been working a case. I’ve managed to confirm four missing teenagers so far, all homeless.”

He saw Bobby’s face change, saw the shadows creep across his eyes. Bobby had worked a stint in the Paedophile Unit, and he never completely lost the haunted look.

“You want me to poke around. See what we know?”

Justin sighed, feeling like crap for calling in the favour. “You know Brad and Kel, they have my back. They’ll run with this, and we have the smarts to-”

“You mean you have Suez.”

Justin inclined his head. “I need all the help I can get, Bobby. I have this feeling that we’re running out of time.”

“I’ll see what I can find out.” He straightened. “Why don’t you fill me in on what you have so far?”

“How about we do that over beer, and you can tell me why you kept me waiting when your shift finished over an hour ago.”

Bobby sighed. “I live to serve.”

“I’m sure you do!” Justin grinned, as he turned towards his own vehicle. “See you at the Watering Hole.”

“You’re buying.”

Justin ignored him. He didn’t mind footing the bill. If it got him one step closer to answers, he’d pick up Bobby’s tab permanently.

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