If we were having coffee…there would only be time for one cup.

weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee, it would be ridiculously early (sorry). I’m going on a trip to the seaside today – Bridlington to be exact. It’s a place my dad particularly loved and, as it’s his birthday, my sisters and I always take this day to do things to remember him. So, we go to the coast; we eat doughnuts, walk along the harbour, go on the Waltzers (dad’s favourite), and an arcade game or two. Oh, and the beach. Weather permitting, we always sit on the beach and share our memories. In fact, we’ve spent a year or two sitting in the rain. As Peter Kay would say – that fine rain that soaks your through!


I’d ask about your plans for the weekend, catch up on your adventures since the last time we shared coffee. I’d tell you I had two days to myself this week because my girls were away. I could have done anything; caught up on my writing, my emails, done some work, done anything productive, visited people. Instead I had a TV marathon. I would normally feel guilty about that, but I can’t seem to drum up the emotion.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you my work in progress is going well – sort of! All but one character is cooperating. The problem with Andrew is his arrogance, or maybe it’s mine. I had it in my head that he would be kidnapped by a group of hired thugs. But here’s the thing. He’s special forces and there’s no way in hell he was going to let that happen. Every time I wrote him into a corner, he got out of it. He’s slippery that one! It would be nice and easy if, like in the TV show Dexter, someone could stab him with a syringe and knock him out (in seconds no less). But, who am I kidding. They wouldn’t be able to sneak up on him in the first place. Even if they could, Blue (his trusty canine sidekick) would get in their way.

But enough about that. This is the point where I’d have to apologise for not having the time for a refill. I enjoy our chats, and as I haven’t been posting as often as I would like, I thought I’d fit this in before hitting the road. So, if we were having coffee, I’d wish you a wonderful weekend.

Don’t forget to stop by at Diana’s place to catch up with everyone else. I’ll be heading over when I get back home, and my stomach has settled from all the doughnuts and the fast, crazy rides my sisters will no doubt drag me on!

Thanks for stopping by.


26 responses to “If we were having coffee…there would only be time for one cup.”

  1. Thank’s for having me so early in the day Mel! It’s great to catch up every once in a while and I do hope that you will have an amazing day with your sisters. I think that’s a great way to honour and remember your dad. Don’t feel bad about watching too much tv, I guess that you deserve some time to rest.
    Your character does sound like a tricky one, good luck with him.

  2. Tricky character. What about a tazer? You get a little range and the stun effect. Have enough thugs with those and one of them is bound to get the guy. Either that or an explosion that knocks him out. I’ve noticed that my days off tend to involve TV too. Just got into Orphan Black after finding the first season at the library. Joined Amazon Prime to get the 3 boxsets on a sweet discount since I liked it, but I’ve yet to finish the first season. I’m hoping to start up my next project this weekend if things go smoothly tonight and tomorrow. Stepping into a new genre, which might rear its head on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.

    • I thought about a tazer, and did a little research. It’s worth revisiting. An explosion could work. I’ll play around with that, see how Andrew handles it!
      I haven’t watched Orphan Black yet. It’s on my list, so I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.
      The new project sounds intriguing. I hope you manage to work it in this weekend, and look forward to learning more about it. Have fun 😀

      • Worst case scenario is you have someone in the shadows crack him in the head with a bat when he thinks he’s free. Kind of like those grand escapes and then the good guy is KO’d by a sneak attack.

        We’ll see how much I can share. I’ve been keeping a lot close to the vest lately. Some people tend to read between lines that aren’t there or complain about spoilers. Makes sharing ideas tough.

  3. I don’t mind early, Mel. Today’s the day I prepare my blog posts for the week and meet with my online students in a Google Hangout. So it’s pretty busy! I probably won’t get a refill either.

    What TV show did you binge on? I just got Netflix and since our taste seems so similar, you might have recommendations.

    I love your character. Please finish he book so I can enjoy his super-humanness.

    • Thanks, Jacqui 🙂 I hope your day of planning is going smoothly. My TV marathon was Suits. If you haven’t caught it yet, you should enjoy it. The first three seasons are on Netflix 😀 It’s going to be close, but I need to finish the book by mid-September because my editor is expecting it! I’ll have a sneak peak from the WIP shortly 😀

  4. What a lovely tradition – I imagine it can be quite powerful.
    I hate when characters have minds of their own like that… I’ve been struggling with editing – finding the time to get into it and finally dealing with some of those tricky points that have been giving me trouble. With a vacation coming up (that involves a lot of sitting around in the woods doing nothing, while having access to recharge my netbook, but no internet access) I am thinking maybe some editing will finally occur.

    • That sounds like a perfect vacation spot – sitting in the woods. I hope you get lots of editing done. I hear you about the struggle – editing is quite often the bane of my existence! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 😀

      • I will get editing done, I will get editing done… if I repeat it enough it’ll happen, right?
        Even if editing doesn’t occur, the vacation is going to be great! It’ll be my first time staying there with electricity access so that’ll be an interesting shift 🙂

  5. Early coffee is always good. It’s great that you and your sisters get together to honor your father with things and places he liked. Oh, how I hate that unruly character. Why can’t they go with the program. 🙂 Hope you’re able to get Andrew where you want him.

    Have a great weekend!

    • lol! Thanks. I have a feeling Andrew isn’t going to play ball anytime soon, but oddly – I love that about him! I hope you’re having a great weekend too. My sisters and I had a great day 😀

  6. I hope your trip to the seaside was a positive one for you and your sisters. I think it’s an especially loving trip you make each year, although I’m sure it is also difficult.

    I sometimes binge watch tv instead of writing or blogging or reading or doing something productive. We have to allow ourselves to be naughty, at least in this way, once in awhile!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. I hope you had a lovely day—sounds like a great way to remember your dad, and sounds like he was fond of some life life’s small blessings. 🙂

    Hoping things settle down for you soon! Perhaps that TV marathon was your mind’s way of saying it needed a bit of a rest. Glad you got a chance to. 🙂

    • Thanks, Diana. I’m glad too. I’m feeling so much better today, and we had a lovely time yesterday. We could feel dad everywhere we turned – I love our yearly excursions. It’s important to celebrate what a wonderful man he was.
      I got a lot done today, including the bones of a certain monster post I will be finalising over the next few days 😉

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