Writer’s Quote Wednesday – William Shakespeare


Writer’s Quote Wednesday is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, and is a wonderful weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes which inspire them. I highly recommend checking them out.

My brother and I got to talking about trust this weekend. We always turn to the subject of my fictional team at some point during our catch up sessions, and this time I had a few questions on the subject of trust within the army. Trust is a precious thing; sometimes it is given freely, and other times it has to be earned, but in either case it is so easily broken. One of my characters is struggling with a trust issue and, as as it relates to a high risk situation, I wanted my bro’s take on it.

Of course, there are different levels of trust; complicated layers which depend on a multitude of circumstances. When it comes to professional trust, you don’t necessarily have to like a person to know they won’t let you down in a particular setting. I could write an essay on the subject, but this post is about the wise words of William Shakespeare. So let’s get to the quote.

william shakespeare

It’s a powerful message and one we could probably philosophise about for days! What do you think to the quote? Do you have any particular views on trust?

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16 responses to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – William Shakespeare”

  1. Mel, after love, trust is the next word on my list. Without it, we are nothing! I love how you weave these quotes in with the writing of your characters. That is how they become real to the reader. Love it! ❤

  2. Great quote – trust is one of those complicated words, that I feel you have to trust yourself to even love at times. Trust is that two way street, that if both sides are equal in that measure its great, when it’s more one sided than another someone will be disappointed. In order to trust you have to believe and trust in yourself on several counts. Yes, certain a discussion that can go on for days.

    • That’s so true, Cassie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀 I think, following Shakespeare’s philosophy – if we love and do no wrong we are spreading goodwill and earning trust in a way.

  3. I hope to live by that statement. Your thought about not having to like someone to trust them made me think about the movie Fury, which I finally saw. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but if not, it’s a good character study on those types of relationships.

  4. As with most things Shakespeare takes something complicated and distills it down to simple clarity. I agree with Sue, this is a quote to live by.

    On a writerly note, it reminds me that incredible writers can do incredible things with a few simple words… Another aspect of the quote to live with 🙂

  5. I have been told that putting trust in people is both one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses. I can see the point. I automatically trust a new acquaintance until they give me reason not to. Is that so wrong?

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