Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #9

Mel's Midweek Writing MenagerieWelcome to my weekly writing prompt series. The rules of the challenge are simple. I’ve provided two options below, and there’s a handy link-up button at the end of the post, so you can upload your contribution and share it with others. If you prefer to use the pingback method, I’ll check out each link I receive. Here is the hashtag, should you wish to use it – #MelsWritingMenagerie.

Before we get to the prompts for this week, let’s look at the previous entries. Click on the title to read the full, original post (I’ve only provided a preview). Here they are:

The Elf Killer – Part IV: A New Discovery by Colleen Chesebro

Rawmall slowly rolled over on the hard-packed earthen floor of the burned out elven hut. His head throbbed and felt like brilliant flashes of lightning were slicing into his brain. The acrid smell of smoke lingered in the hut as well as another unsavory aroma, of which he could not remember the source.

Gently, so as to not disturb his pounding head, he shifted his weight to his hands and knees. He balanced himself for a moment. Once the hammering in his brain subsided, he rose to his feet. Rawmall noticed that darkness had descended on the burned out elven community of Morr. He staggered towards the grey ashy remains of a fire where a cauldron was perched, still warm. The stench was overpowering and suddenly he remembered the events of the day.

The Musings of a Desolate Demigod – A Dusty Wastelands of Tartarus Flash Fiction Piece by Louise Findlay

Our mothers and fathers had ravenged the world, leaving almost nothing left in their eternal wars. The devastation they had wrought rivalled that of the creatures and gods they were fighting. I was related to a murderer of the highest degree. I swear I would kill him if I ever saw him again.

My kind were in decline. Most fell in the Parallax War. There were demigods on both sides. Some sided with their godly parents and some defected to the opposing side. The war was originally over the fate of Olympus and the mortals but it just turned demigod against demigod and god against god. The sides were clear cut in the beginning with good against evil but the lines blurred.

All entries are shared over at Featured Fiction.

So, on to the next set of prompts. Grab the badge and write a post based on either of the following options:

Option 1: Sentence Starter –

My grandmother always used to say – if you can’t make a good first impression, at least make a lasting one.

Option 2: Fanfiction –

Re-write the ending to one of your favourite movies.

Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #9

  1. angel7090695001 says:

    I must muse on the fanfiction prompt. Perhaps some Harry Potter fanfiction will come into play this week.

  2. Silver Threading says:

    I wanted to work this into my elf story so bad! I just can’t get to it this week. I am sending you an email. ❤

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