Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jared Padalecki


Writer’s Quote Wednesday is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, and is a wonderful weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes which inspire them. I highly recommend checking them out.

I’ve been struggling over the last couple of weeks. I haven’t made a secret of it, and I don’t hide my depression, but there are times (even for a writer) when it is difficult to put into words. It alienates me from my family, because they try so hard to understand. I hide behind a smile, as many of us do, and luckily, I have access to so much light; my daughters, my family and friends, this wonderful blogging community. I’m not blind to the gifts in my life, and even when things are bad, I am grateful for them.

I don’t know where the depression comes from. There’s little point in questioning the origins when it is simply a part of who I am. One of the hardest questions I ever had to face, was ‘What do you have to be depressed about?’ Sure I had a good job, wonderful children, a nice home, supportive family and friends. Yet the darkness surfaced at every given opportunity. It hurt because it actually made me feel selfish, or ungrateful, like I would choose to feel this way.

So when I read Jared Padalecki’s words in an interview, they resonated with me. Someone understood, and even though I know I’m not alone, this reinforcement helped me during a difficult time. The work Jared does, using his recognition to reach others, is truly inspirational. For those who don’t know, Jared plays Sam Winchester in Supernatural. He recently set up a campaign to raise money for an organisation called To Write Love on Her Arms – a non-profit supporting people through depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

Source: http://variety.com/2015/tv/people-news/jared-padalecki-always-keep-fighting-depression-suicide-twloha-1201451708/
Source: http://variety.com/2015/tv/people-news/jared-padalecki-always-keep-fighting-depression-suicide-twloha-1201451708/

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In the words of Jared Padalecki ‘Always Keep Fighting.’


37 responses to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jared Padalecki”

  1. Excellent quote and I fully agree with the ‘hiding behind a smile’. I’ve never been diagnosed, so I’m not sure I should say I have depression or fall into one. When I get stressed for an extended period of time, I hit a funk that I can’t shake. Nothing holds my interest for long and I can’t squeeze any joy out of things. Just go through the motions of the day and doing what I can to stop people from giving advice on how to make myself happy. That always drives me nuts. Did you hear about what happened at the Supernatural Comic Con panel?

    • Thanks, Charles. I can relate to that. People mean well, but we’re the only ones who know how to handle it and different things work at different times, I find. As for getting out of the funk, sometimes I just have to ride the storm and accept it. And, no, I didn’t hear about the Comic Con panel. What happened?

  2. I read this interview and thought it was fantastic. It’s so important for people with a platform like Jared’s to share these kinds of things as it reminds us that we’re all just human. By definition none of us are perfect, which makes us perfect in our own way.

    I hope you’re feeling back on top soon, Mel, but I won’t tell you to “cheer up” because believe me, I know how patronising that can be 😉

    Instead I’ll simply say your blogging buddies are here whenever you may need us and we’ll wait patiently whenever you need some space 🙂

  3. Mel, such a powerful quote. I never think about depression, I guess. I think we are introverts and need to recharge with more alone time. I hated working with the public. That was when I was depressed, I must admit. There is just something inside all of us that gears us a certain way. I am always here for you. Sometimes it just helps knowing that. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. I am so sorry, I known that doesn’t help or solve it. I hope you’ll be better soon. The hiding behind a smile is something I used to do even from myself, I don’t know if it is related to depression.
    Many hugs.

  5. I definitely have some moments where I’m in a deep, dark funk. It’s scared hubby a few times. I hesitate to say depressed though. I feel bad saying it, but sometimes it’s nice to learn about others who are depressed. I don’t want them to be, naturally, but it definitely lends to helping one not feel as along.
    Big hugs, Mel. You’re the bomb.

  6. Sometimes I have to hide behind a smile when I’m at work. It is a very noisy, hostile environment for a grocery store, and it’s the place where I can become depressed. When I’m in the quiet with peace around me, that’s when I blossom again. Then I go back there and it depletes me. Though for me it’s circumstantial, even then we have to be careful because up and down can eventually ruin the balance in our brains, and then trouble begins. So on my breaks I usually try to connect with Spirit…that keeps me focused on the right thing and centered in Its Love. Looking forward to the work of my joy keeps me going. I pray that your depression leaves you, Mel, as it isn’t what the Divine has in mind for you.

    Great quote, and thank you for sharing it and you.

    Blessings for more peace of mind everyday,


    • Thank you so much, Marianne. In truth, no matter how hard the darkness tries to drag me under, I know it will never win, because I feel the light, and it burns inside me with a ferocity and strength which is not mine alone. I hold onto that, and it gives me strength. Thank you for sharing your experience, and your wonderful words. Blessings to you too.

  7. That sort of mindless depression–surely it must be chemical. Or emotion. There’s no basis in reality. That’s a testament to the power of emotion and probably doesn’t help at all!

    • There are plenty of theories, and a chemical imbalance is certainly one of them. Who knows? I guess it would be easier if there was a definitive answer, but as there isn’t I just have to accept it, and always keep fighting 😀

  8. Great quote and message. We need to reach out beyond our narrow understandings of so many mental and emotional health issues like depression and addictions. If we don’t manage to break down the stereotypes, we end up missing so much. It is great when someone with a platform and a voice people heed, speaks out.

  9. Depression is a real disease, like diabetes, hypertension, and Crohn’s. There’s an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that causes the change in mood and it’s also hormone related. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, black or white, or rich or poor. Anyone can suffer from depression. So many people don’t understand the disease and that makes it even more difficult on those who suffer from it. 😦

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