The Chamber – #BlogBattle Writing Challenge

#BlogBattle is a weekly writing challenge organised by Rachael Ritchey. You can find more information about it here. It’s a fun battle, and a supportive group – a great place to hang out! The theme this week is ‘DREAM’.

Here is my contribution to the challenge. I hope you enjoy.

The buildings pressed in from either side; empty window frames like gaping mouths seeking their prey. Glass littered the ground, shining like diamonds from the glare of a god’s unrivalled power. Joshua stood in the centre of the chaos. As the structures groaned around him, perhaps in protest, he fought the urge to bow as they were to Viala’s will.

The glass began to vibrate, the music as fragile as the splinters at Joshua’s feet. He anticipated the god’s next move and hugged his wings in tight. Tiny missiles shot toward him, ripping into the flesh of his exposed arms and face.

“Give it up, young warrior. Let me pass.”

Joshua had his eyes closed. He opened them now, unsurprised to discover his partner had landed directly in front of them. Nevaeh had no fear. It made her a force to be reckoned with.

He ignored the blood trickling down his cheek and reached to touch a hand to Nevaeh’s shoulder. The hand passed straight through her body.

There’s no pain.

The scene dropped away a moment later, rebuilding itself to resemble another battle. Joshua allowed his lids to lower shut. He was dreaming. The first scene was unfamiliar, perhaps a premonition – a foretelling. The second, a memory, was pain personified. Joshua had barely escaped with his life.

His thoughts coalesced until he remembered where he was, why his dreams were so vivid. They were part of the healing process; a side effect of the chamber. As was the light. Joshua felt it now; pressing in on him as the buildings had done.

The moment full consciousness returned, Joshua felt the light recede. His cells reacted to the change, his senses returning one by one until he was alone in the dark. He didn’t need to see what his mind already knew. He was healed.

Joshua’s wings twitched, anxious to be free of their binds. He dissolved the fastenings with a thought, allowing his wings to unfold; to stretch up and out at a slow, leisurely pace. He embraced the freedom, felt it in every fibre of his being.

He knew how close he had come to true death, to having the light within snuffed out. His soul forever lost to the eternal darkness. His right wing had been torn clean off, preventing his escape, and weakening him beyond hope. A witch had come to his aid, buying him the time he needed to return home.

Joshua had survived the treacherous journey; bruised and battered he had cursed himself for stepping onto the battlefield alone. He was a warrior, an angel of the Battalion, and he would live to fight again. But first he had to face his partner’s wrath. Nevaeh would likely put him back in the chamber for his foolishness alone.

Satisfied when he detected no weakness in his body, Joshua stepped out into a long corridor of bold, stark white. His eyes adjusted to the stimuli in seconds, and he had no desire to fill his environment with colour, though he could have conjured any scene he chose. What he needed was a few more minutes of serenity. Of peace.

The moment Nevaeh stepped into his path, he knew he wasn’t about to get it. She didn’t speak right away. She stepped around him to examine his right wing, the silence stretching between them as familiar as the scent of her concern.

“It’s at least seven inches shorter than the left, but it’ll have to do,” she said, stepping forward so she faced him.

Joshua didn’t take the bait. “In that case, maybe you want to focus your energy there.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? It would make you feel better about playing lone wolf.” Her smile held no humour.

“You’ve already thought of another way to punish me, haven’t you?”

Now the smile lit her indigo eyes. “You’d better believe it.” She flicked a wrist and the walls dropped away to reveal his dream from earlier. The buildings were stood to attention, the glass still in their frames; the battle was yet to unfold.

Joshua flexed his wings. “We have our next assignment.”

A decisive nod. “I’ve been waiting for hours.”

Joshua didn’t say anything. He fell into step beside her to walk the corridor. His gaze never left the image painting the walls, searching for clues; for an advantage in the fight yet to come. Whatever the outcome, at least he wouldn’t face it alone. He had learned his lesson the hard way.

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27 thoughts on “The Chamber – #BlogBattle Writing Challenge

  1. mbarkersimpson says:

    That’s a lovely compliment, thank you 🙂 I’ve had quite a lot of practice and still have a lot to learn. We never really stop growing do we? And we all see things in others we admire. I like your humour, the tone to your writing voice – whether that be your thoughts or a piece of flash fiction – I’m often touched by your words. I love that we’re all different. It’s one of my favourite things about being in this community. Plus the sharing, of course 😀 Happy Tuesday.

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thank you 🙂 It’s weird, but what I write for these challenges seems to turn into more than I expect. I made the short piece from last week into the prologue for my new book because it read better than the original! And this feels like the introduction to my serialised fiction project I’m writing later this year. I’ll keep it for when I begin – see how it pans out! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

      1. Rachael Ritchey says:

        You have no idea how happy that makes me! Truly. it’s a big deal to know the #Blog Battle is not only fun but helpful, too! I LOVE to help. Love when we can help each other. Big time coolness. 🙂

      2. mbarkersimpson says:

        lol – I like that – big time coolness indeed 😀 You’re so supportive, and the environment you create is inspiring. So, yeah, fun and helpful too – thanks again! 😀

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