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I was tagged by Callum and Celine to list my ten favourite screen characters. It was a hard challenge to resist, well… until I began to jot the characters down, and then it was just hard! I quickly discovered I was well on my way to making a top 100! But, I somehow managed to whittle it down. There was no method in my madness, although I did discover television characters were easier to choose so I shied away from movies somewhat  – the fact there is only one Avenger on the list surprised even me 😀


Richard Castle (Castle) – I am always entertained by Castle’s uncanny observations and wry sense of humour. I particular enjoy his immaturity, the peter pan streak which translates to a boundless enthusiasm for his job. He is geeky, charming, intelligent and a born story teller.


Alabama Whitman (True Romance) – There is something extremely compelling about this character. Alabama is a badass. She is tough, loyal, and most of all, unique. Her outfits are the perfect blend of sexy, sassy and sweet.


Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) –  In a top ten list of my favourite television programmes, Spencer would always make the cut. He’s fascinating; intelligent, complex, and utterly charming. He’s a book worm, has an eidetic memory, and is socially awkward. He’s probably most often described as an eccentric genius.


Abby Sciuto (NCIS) – I love her loyalty, her brains, her penchant for giving hugs and her addiction to caffeinated beverages. She has an almost psychic link with Gibbs, and their father-daughter relationship is one I particularly enjoy.

Peter Quill

Peter Quill (Star Lord) – He’s creative, unorthodox, funny, loyal, quick thinking, arrogant, and an expert in close quarter combat. What’s not to love!

NatashaNatasha Romanoff (Black Widow) – As a founding member of the Avengers, Natasha might not have superhuman powers, but she’s never needed them. She’s an expert in martial arts, has no fear, and is competent in just about anything she puts her mind to. She remains calm in battle (mostly), keeps her emotions locked down (mostly), and has a delightfully dry sense of humour. Natasha is formidable!

Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane (Mentalist) – I love the flaws, the complex nature of this character. Patrick is arrogant to the point of cocky, has a playful streak a mile wide, and his observational skills are legendary. He’s manipulative, though has a considerable amount of charm, and his methods within an investigation are unorthodox to say the least.

FelicityFelicity Smoak (Arrow) – There are many facets to Felicity’s personality. I like that she’s a nerd, that her uncensored babbling often gets her into trouble. It’s quite often the highlight of a scene. Felicity can be opinionated, and has a strong will, but her true strength is her compassion. In a lot of ways she’s the heart of the team.


Dean Winchester (Supernatural) – I talked recently about the things I enjoy about this character in a two-part review I did over at Comparative Geeks, so if you want to read more click here. In summary; he’s tough, loyal and will move mountains when it comes to his family.

John McClaneJohn McClane (Die Hard) – I had to put McClane in the list, because I’ve always been a fan of the first movie. My favourite thing about the character is probably his arrogance, especially the way he mocks his enemies – he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. McClane is known for his wise-cracking one liners. But I like his flaws. He’s tough, stubborn, and has a tendency to see things in black and white. Who doesn’t love a flawed hero?

Thanks again to Callum and Celine. Instead of tagging anyone in particular, I’m going to open it up to anyone who would like to take part. I’d love to know your favourites, so if you want to share – write a post or leave your list in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

While we’re on the subject of characters, Maddison Wood was interviewed by Ch’kara SilverWolf today. If you’d like to learn more about my witch, you can click here.

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12 responses to “Favourite Characters/Screen Characters Tag”

  1. Loved the list, Melissa 🙂
    When you said you were going to mention tv shows especially, I thought, “Pity, I’m not going to know many of them,” because I don’t watch a lot of tv. But in fact, many are familiar to me.

    I’d choose Castle and Jane… two fantastic characters!

  2. Lots I agree with–Spenser, Abby (I adore her, my husband wants her off the show. I don’t understand) and Patrick Jane. But Castle, I tried to like that show and failed. I gave up after about 4 shows.

    • I suppose it’s one of those things. Castle is the kind of character you either find endearing or annoying! My sister doesn’t like the show either. She doesn’t get why I like it so much 😀

  3. Fun List! I’m with you on Castle and summary of his character is spot on. I’m also surprised that Green Arrow specifically wasn’t on the list and only one Avenger? I’m guessing tho they would have shown up in the top 20 list? Hope all is well. 🙂

  4. Alabama Whitman is a great shout, she’s such a cool character. I didn’t know many of the others, as I don’t watch much TV, but Black Widow is also a good one – she’s such a cool, badass character. If anything I like that she doesn’t have super powers.

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