Sourcerer’s Eleven: Questions for Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

It’s the second round of Sourcerer’s Eleven today, and I’m in the hot seat. I might have been Luther’s ‘victim’ but the questions didn’t hurt a bit!
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Changing Worlds 2Welcome to the second edition of Sourcerer’s Eleven!  Luther Siler here; I was the beneficiary of the first installment, where our esteemed host Gene’O Gordon interviewed me about my novel The Sanctum of the Sphere.  That means it’s time for me to play interviewer for the second round, and my designated victim is Melissa Barker-Simpson, author of the recently released novella The Contract, which forms part of a double-book anthology called Changing Worlds. Changing Worlds also features the novella Saunders’ Choice by Gina Briganti. The Contract is a prequel to Melissa’s forthcoming Fractured series, currently scheduled to launch in July.

Note that from here on out Luther’s questions (I swear, there are eleven of them, if you know which ones not to count) are in bold and Melissa’s responses are in regular text.

So.  Melissa.  Hi!

Hi, Luther. It’s great to be here. In the hotseat, as…

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3 thoughts on “Sourcerer’s Eleven: Questions for Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    Great interview! I also love the idea of serialised fiction and as you know, really enjoyed Yesterday’s Gone. Glad to know you’re doing it. Wishing you all the best with it. It’s something I’d be interested in at some point.

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