Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Ernest Hemingway

051815_2029_writersquot1This week, my quote (or quotes in this case), for Writer’s Quote Wednesday are from Ernest Hemmingway.

I’ll start with this one:

Ernest Hemingway

I sincerely believe I was born to tell stories, why else would I have so many characters in my head? I’ve been making things up since the moment I could talk; spinning yarns and torturing entertaining my family with the worlds I was desperate to create. But Hemingway is right. You have to learn to write. It’s an art form, a skill to be nurtured; an ability you have to practice at every day.

The simple fact is, as writers, we never stop learning, and we shouldn’t. Which leads me to my next Hemingway quote:

It’s an important message I think, and it helps me when I feel disheartened with a project or the words aren’t flowing as well as I hoped. Every writer rides the learning curve. I know I will continue to develop and grow, but there’s infinite pleasure in that.

Don’t forget to stop by at Colleen’s place (Silver Threading) for more amazing quotes about writing. It’s a great place to hang out.

Thanks for stopping by.


63 responses to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Ernest Hemingway”

  1. Great quotes, and I absolutely agree. You never stop learning and growing as a writer but I don’t doubt that many of us are born with an inherent ability to create stories of some kind.

  2. Such amazing and true quotes this week Mel! I agree, you were born to write! Keep up the good work. ❤

  3. Hi Melissa! Love the quotes, and Hemingway too! Glad I found you through the Blitz. I followed the link, but don’t see anyone else. Oops, did I make a wrong turn somewhere? 😀 Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been seriously Blogged Blitzed by yours truly! Loving your blog, btw. I’m following now too. I’ll be blitzing you again from my alter-ego site, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to help clean up the mess if you need me. Have a great night. Eva

  4. As a book blogger/reviewer, I have to say that the truly sad part is how many “writers” don’t get that it doesn’t matter HOW you learn to write, you shouldn’t inflict it on an innocent public until DO learn it. Great blog, and happy blitz day!

  5. If we think we’ve mastered something all we’ve really mastered is the art of lying to ourselves.

    Happy Blitz Day!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  6. It’s so awesome to hear a great like Hemingway say that none of us ever become masters at this writing thing. I think the challenge of trying new things and overcoming troublesome areas is what I love most about writing. It would be very boring to simply crank out the same old, ya know?

    Happy Blitz Day!

    • I absolutely agree, Nicki. I love to try new things too and there is always adventure to be had in writing – something new to learn. Thanks so much for stopping by 😀

  7. Some writers are automatic storytellers. Others take years to learn the craft. In the end, all that matters is a great story being told. I agree with you 100%
    Nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog.
    Happy Blitz Day!
    Talynn, @ Ink in the Book

  8. I love those quotes, it’s so true that as writer’s we never really stop learning how to write. Happy Blog Blitz!

  9. So true. As much as I’d like to believe it all just comes out of me naturally, I still have to work super super hard to get it to sound right. Happy blitz!

  10. Melissa!! I told you I would be baaaack! Muahaha…. hee hee hee. It’s Eva again Blitzing your blog with pounds and pounds of virtual glitter! Geez, what a mess. Like I said before, loving those quotes. Enjoy the rest of your BLITZING!!! Hugs.

    • I love glitter! Thanks so much for stopping by again. Always a pleasure to have you here. The Blitzing has been a whirlwind, but oh what fun! Hugs right back 😀

  11. Brilliant quotes, Mel! I completely agree with you. I also feel that I was born to write. I remember writing and drawing comics and selling them in elementary school––until a teacher stopped me. Ha, ha! I’m a born storyteller but like you and Hemingway said, we have to learn to write. 😀

  12. I think everyone is born with stories to tell, but some give up before they tell them. The rest of us keep on telling them for our entire lives.

    • That’s so true, and a little sad. I’m really glad I started to tell stories again. For many years I ignored the inherent need. I’m so much happier now I listen to the characters in my head! 😀

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