Practice Session: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #46

challenge46I make no secret of the fact I struggle with poetry. It might be because I love it so much and, unlike my prose, I have a tendency to overthink it. I used to practice a little, but I haven’t in a while, so I decided to take part in Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge this week.

Here are the prompt words, and Ronovan’s example:

The Prompt Words

Think & Fresh

My Example

Your eyes beamed because

You knew what I was thinking ,

So you called me fresh.

The following is how the sentences should read.

Your eyes beamed because you knew what I was thinking.

You knew what I was thinking, so you called me fresh.

There’s also a handy link on how to write the English Haiku here.

Perhaps I’m too easily influenced, but when I read Ronovan’s example, my own thoughts went in one direction! Strangely, it’s probably the best of the bunch!

You know what I think

When I see you in that robe

My thoughts are shameless

Then I came up with something a little more subtle, and perhaps broke a few haiku rules!

Can I share my thoughts?

Can I share how I feel?

Or is that too brash?

Perhaps this one, though it feels like I’m trying too hard…

Oh, these tangled thoughts;

They torment with their vigour

And outrageous hue

Then I turned in a different direction, and decided it was time to stop!

Images tumbling;

They coalesque in my mind,

Creating anew

Thanks for allowing me to experiment on you! And to Ronovan for the challenge.

Until next time.


22 responses to “Practice Session: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #46”

    • Thank you 😀 I do enjoy to try, but I avoid writing poetry wherever possible! I like to read instead. It was really nice to take part in the challenge though, and I’m really pleased you enjoyed them ❤

    • Thank you 🙂 And you’re absolutely right. I couldn’t stop once I started…I had to force myself to leave it be! I loved it though, because I haven’t played around with poetry in a while. Ronovan’s challenge is great 😀

  1. Not certain what happened in my review last week and not putting the actual Haiku in there. Apologies. The only thing I can think of is I must have gotten tired and when I came back went to the next person in the comments. I have updated the review so your Haiku and your Amazon page are included.

    • I didn’t notice, so my apologies or I would have mentioned it. I just read your wonderful introduction and never gave it a thought that there was no link! Thanks so much; for the welcome and the support you give 😀

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