Seeking Solace, a collection of poetry by Callum McLaughlin

I’m thrilled to announce that Seeking Solace, a collection of poetry, by the awesome talent who is Callum McLaughlin, is now available. Here’s information about the collection, with the all important purchase links.


Seeking Solace is a collection of sixty poems that span a variety of topics and touch on universal aspects of modern life, from nature and war to friendship, love and grief, with many others in between.

From the very air we breathe to the wholly make-believe, regardless of whether inspiration has come from the world around us or the most whimsical of dreams, the one common thread that unites them all is a desire to create poetry that is both approachable and relatable.


You can get your copy at Amazon UK here

Amazon US here

Visit Callum’s Goodreads page here

or his blog, where you will be able to learn more about his work here


As soon as I receive my copy in the post and I’ve had the chance to explore the treasures within, I will provide a review.

Thanks for stopping by.


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