Time on my hands #WeekendCoffeeShare

Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster).
Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster).

If we were having coffee I would tell you I had a weird working week, which involved numerous cancellations because of the weather, and me in front of the computer screen, toasty warm, with an endless supply of caffeine. And I said I didn’t like snow!

During the course of our conversation I’d entertain you with amusing stories of the times I did venture out into the winter wonderland beyond my front door. You’d probably laugh at that, or at least roll your eyes, because I normally complain about the weather conditions. I’d recount my adventures on Thursday when I got stuck in an unfamiliar area, wheels spinning, engine whining, and kids throwing snowballs at my car, just for good measure! Then I’d tell you someone stopped to help by giving me a push, and I found the support more traumatic than the rest, because I had visions of my good Samaritan face planting in the snow!

The fact is though, I didn’t have to stay up until ridiculous-o’clock this week just to get some writing in. I had so much time on my hands that I’ve mapped out my A to Z posts, chosen all my books for the Read Harder Challenge, written a short piece of fiction, edited my WIP, and played around with the theme at Writing Room 101. I have a new respect for snow, in fact…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Now is the time we would grab a refill, and you would tell me all your news. I’d ask if you ever took part in Stream of Consciousness Saturday, because (given all the time) I managed to contribute to the prompt this week. We’d mosey on over to Diana’s place at some point, to join the great bunch who gather for the weekend coffee share, and generally touch base.

Then I’d bid you farewell, thank you for your company and hope we get to do this again next week.

23 thoughts on “Time on my hands #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    It sounds as though you had a really busy week but that you coped with it and that it was productive. I love weeks that go like that. Especially when you don’t expect them. I’m hoping for a week like that next week, so maybe we can both have equally good weeks and we can chat again next week and say how great they were – but without the snow 🙂

  2. Robin Rivera says:

    I’m jealous, you got so much work done! I love snow, and I’m sad we didn’t get any this winter. There is something very satisfying about being warm and cozy, but also enjoying that clean smell of snow in the air. : ) Thanks for sharing your week.

  3. Conny Kaufmann says:

    Thank you for the coffee, Mel! I’ve been skidding and sliding through the snow myself this week and needed a warm-up 🙂 Good going on getting the A to Z Challenge mapped out already! And what, pray tell, is the Read Harder Challenge?

  4. Corina says:

    Snow driving. It brings back a horrible memory when I was sure I was going to die before the tow truck could find me in 3 degree below weather. I’m glad you didn’t find that kind of experience this week and I hope you never do.

    I never heard fo the Stream Of Consciousness Saturday. Can you tell me about it?

    Thanks for the coffee. I’m moving along now because I have a date for more coffee with some more bloggers!

  5. jannatwrites says:

    Snow is great when it affords you the chance to get things done! I’m not a fan of driving in it either, mostly because I’ve lived in the desert all my driving life, so I’m pretty sure I’m not good at it! (I’ve managed to avoid leaving the house when it’s snowed, but I did shovel eight inches of it at the first of the year.)

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