Hear me roar – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

socs-badgeWhen I saw the prompt for this week’s stream of consciousness challenge, my mind went in a dozen different directions. I could use the words scene or seen in a short piece of fiction, because I rarely pass up the chance, and I could sense several of my characters shuffling forward to catch my attention. First came Charlie, a detective who has been to many a gruesome crime scene. Then came Andrew, a soldier who enjoys the shadows, and has a gift of blending in – Andrew is rarely seen when he’s working undercover. While you can imagine this seemed an exciting prospect for me, my mind started wandering, so I ditched that idea and considered boring you with details of a scene I’m struggling with. My current work in progress is such a mess it may never be seen! Then I noticed that photographs were encouraged and a scene popped into my head from a day I spent with my nephew. I was reminded of it because my daughter finally sent me the picture, and it has always encapsulated the fun we had on that particular day. I’ve spoken before of my love of reading to Z-man, especially his favourite book – Dinosaurs Love Underpants. Of course it helps that his aunty loves the book too 🙂 I tend to get carried away when I read to him, and he now does the actions before I do. His dinosaur roar is incredible, I was almost tempted to add a sound file because it’s that good (and of course I’m not biased in any way!). So, here is the ‘scene’, the little snapshot in time which never fails to make me smile. Enjoy!

2014-08-29 18.45.18-1

16 responses to “Hear me roar – Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

      • You might be right! I’ve been telling him stories since he first opened his eyes! I was there at his birth – was the one who dressed him in his first clothes (it absolutely terrified me!) and I told him all about how brave he’d been 🙂

  1. What a great story about your nephew and what a great picture as well. Ever think about a children’s book based on Z-man and his adventures in story time, hum… that could be quite fun and of course he’ll love it too.

  2. Lovely photo Melissa, there is something magical about reading a book to children. I have read the “yellow dot’ book to my gkids it is so much fun watching them carry out the actions the book asks of them.

    • Thanks 🙂 I agree that it is a magical experience reading with children – taking the adventure with them and sharing the joy. The whole story comes alive, and interaction is definitely part of the fun 🙂

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