Guest Post – Gloria Weber: E-book Covers (Historical Fiction)

As a writer, I like trying to write in different genres, because I love to read them and to push my limits.  As a reader, I try to vary my reading, because I like discovering new things to love.  Often, what I read I write.

There’s one exception: Historical Romance.

I love reading knights falling in love with ladies in castles.  I love dashing great coats and tricky bodices.  I love horses and carriages and the sexy times inside of them.  It’s almost like another world.  I’m totally a sucker when it comes to reading Historical Romance.

And I’ve tried to write it.  Since the Geneva Convention has put a ban on inhumane forms of torture I have never let another person read these attempts.  It was that bad.

The skill it takes to have a good romance novel is insane!  Hot scenes are a delicate balance of actions, feelings, and pacing that I fumble over.  Stereo instructions are sexier than what I come up with.  Also, the historical knowledge.  Making sure you aren’t mixing Regency and Edwardian eras with fashions, styles, and etiquette!  I’m horrible with dates and do just the above.  Historical Romance is totally beyond my grasp to write.

But not beyond my grasp is using imaging programs.  I love digital art.  And as of late, I’ve been making some Historical Romance inspired covers.  Can’t write them, so cover them, I guess.  I’ve put them up for sale for $10 each, so those writers on tight budgets looking for a beautiful cover can find one.

Finally, I’m able to contribute a a genre I love, but can’t write.

You can find my Etsy cover shop at:



Have a great day,

Gloria Weber

Writer of Speculative Fiction
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