Pipped to the post (in a fashion) – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80

I’m really late with my WIPpet today. I have eight minutes to post this, or it doesn’t count because it will be Thursday! So, I’m rushing through it.

This will be the last snippet from Fractured, as it is now ready to go to betas. I thought I’d leave you with a scene involving Maddison and Tobias. Next week I will be using my new WIPpet, and I’ll tell you more about that later (I’m against the clock!).

Here is the math: 22-10=12 – the following section is taken from page 12. It follows on from the snippet last week. Maddison is in her room when she senses Tobias’ presence in the doorway. She isn’t particularly happy – he’s in her physical space, and he’s already taking up too much room in her head!

“I don’t remember giving you permission to enter my quarters,” she said, taking a step towards him, despite her better judgement.

“What else is there to do? You’ve been avoiding me.” The deep, throaty sound of his voice rumbled with frustration.

“You flatter yourself.” She hated the fact he was right.

“Just say the word, Maddy,” he said in challenge, eyes darkening. “I’ll relieve you of the unpleasant memory.”

She moved closer to him, her own anger burning bright. “Don’t you dare.”

His mind tricks wouldn’t work on her, she told herself, despite the niggle of doubt. She had seen his power in action, the way he took control of the reins and made people bend to his will. Then she saw a new light enter his eyes and she had bigger things to worry about.

“You enjoyed it,” he said, the slight surprise in his tone taking her off guard.

Her shoulders rose in what she hoped was a careless shrug. “I live with my mistakes, as you live with yours.” She had to take control, had to put them back on an equal footing.

Thinking only of the assignment, she welcomed the magic gathering inside her and pushed outwards. Her long mane, tied as always into a single plait down her back, whipped out to snake around his neck. She wasn’t gentle as she pulled him down towards her and clamped her mouth over his.

For the briefest of moments she felt the lick of desire as it battered against her magic. It was strong, stronger than it should have been. He tasted earthy, like the forest he loved so much, with a spice beneath that was all his own.

Before she lost herself to pleasure, or worse, the fantasy, she pulled back. As she did, her hair slid away from him and to her side. “Now we’re even,” she said, straightening her shoulders.

It pleased her when he did nothing but stare down at her with a mixture of shock and arousal. It allowed her to turn and walk towards the door. “I’ll take the assignment,” she said over her shoulder. “But right now I have to get ready for a date.” He didn’t have to know the date in question was a rambunctious meal with her room-mates.

“Maddy,” he began taking a step forward.

“Yes?” She stood in the doorway and gazed back at him.

His dark eyes frosted a little, setting her nerves on edge. “Nothing.” After a brief pause he shook off the emotion. “Usual place?”

She nodded, relief flooding through her. “I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.”

She didn’t wait for a response, she walked briskly down the hall and into the bathroom she shared with three others.

Pressing her back against the old, familiar wood, she waited until she heard him move down the hall and let out the breath she’d been holding.

So, moving swiftly on – here is an update on ROW80:

Blogging Goals

1. Develop Author Spotlight Section on Writing Room 101I’ve made some improvements. I’ve added to the Author Gallery, which is great, and I have a new guest post and additional interviews.

2. Weekly post on Lance Legion – No progress on this yet.

3. Update layout for Nat Hobson – No progress on this  yet.

Writing Goals

1. Title New Project – Haven’t found a title I’m happy with yet.

2. Write 8,000 words per week – I exceeded by around 2,000 this week.

Editing Goals

1. Edit 1 chapter per week – I exceeded this and actually completed Fractured, so I’ll have to add a new goal!

ROW80 Sponsor duties – I have visited my group each check in and though a little later today…I’m hopping over to cheer on my team next!

Thanks for visiting


Author: mbarkersimpson

Melissa Barker-Simpson is a multigenre romance author. Her stories are about connection, friendship, and love in all its forms. So whether in a magical setting, an alternative universe, or a world where anything can happen – and often does – there is always an element of romance. Melissa is currently residing in the North of England with her two daughters, and when not writing, is fulfilling her other role as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

37 thoughts on “Pipped to the post (in a fashion) – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80”

      1. Absolutely. And sometimes we can use our ‘pen’ to translate our emotions (as you do so beautifully). I interpreted a presentation last night linked to human trafficking. It was intense, though I’m glad the content was heavy and my brain was too busy processing the information. 🙂

  1. Now who’s not playing fair? That is deliciously evil, and I get the impression Maddy is very much dancing on the edge. I love this bit, “Before she lost herself to pleasure, or worse, the fantasy”

  2. I liked the snippet. Looks like you’ve been busy sprucing things up a bit. I’m slow in regards to ROW80 writing department. Cue the cricket chirping in the background. I think my mind was too lazy to wake my half asleep rear end.
    Anyways I have a useful handy little book called The bibliophile’s dictionary by Miles Westley. I think you would have to use those words sparingly. Cue the scene from Indiana Jones and the last crusade. Choose. But choose wisely.

    1. Awesome…I love the Last Crusade – I think I might have to investigate Westley’s dictionary 🙂 I hear those chirping crickets regularly, either that or tumble weed! But it’s going well at the moment so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Your welcome, passes you a cup of coffee
        Off topic, I noted that there’s a time difference, cue the lullaby on your side, cue flight of the bumble bee on while I type away.
        Tumble weed they look harmless while they creepily roll along, when the wind blows, cue the tumble weed screaming in glee, when they fly
        M&Ms NaNoWriMo participant’s choice, cue the image of a man, grinning maniacally, all bug eyed, hair standing up on its end, fingers over keyboard.

      2. That sounds like an a-typical author! I often look a little crazy when hard at work and getting by on caffeine and M&Ms (thanks for the coffee, by the way…I need it!) There is a time difference – but I’m at my computer now and playing catch up!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I appreciate the cheer 🙂 I have made a fair bit of progress, which feels weird because I thought I hadn’t! I’ll be over to check on your progress soon. Have a good week and thanks again.

  3. Lots of progress on goals! That’s great. These two characters are very interesting together. I’m definitely drawn into their relationship and what’s going to happen in the future. And I loved the use of her hair and magic in this scene!

  4. I want magic hair. My hair was born to be magically wild…!!

    I love these two together. They remind me a little of thi Wahoo you!s couple I know who got themselves locked in a cell weeks ago (well, in WIPpet time!) and still haven’t even considered the possibility that they could stop playing with each other and try to get OUT of said cell and on with the mission!

    This crackles with delicious sparks….something yummy is cookin’

    And nice progress on those ROW80 goalsI love when I think I’m stalled out only to take account and see that I piled up the progress! Hooray for you!

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate the cheer – it did feel good 🙂

      As for the adorable couple in the cell…I say play some more! The mission will have to wait 😉

      Maddy and Tobias are just so much fun and there’s definitely something yummy cookin’! Her hair is just so cool, all the interesting things she gets to do with it…definitely some transference there!!

      Have a great week 🙂

      1. Yup, I agree….let them play – and hope that the captain never thinks to ask them too many questions about why they never even tried to get out of there….

        I think that the best characters and stories happen when the writer is having fun with them and loves writing them. I definitely love writing all of my characters, and people do seem to respond well to them…

      2. I agree. It’s like the passion and respect for them transfers to the reader. There’s a confidence too – one which breathes life into the characters. What a wonderful time we have!

  5. Love the excerpt. I can see the sparks zinging between these two. 🙂

    Good luck with your ROW80 goals. Looks like you’re making good progress. I hope you’re able to come up with a fun title for your new project. Sometimes titling a story is one of the most fun parts, and sometimes it’s one of the most frustrating…

    1. It’s driving me mad! I’m hoping, if I sit with it for a while…it’ll come to me! I suppose it has something to do with the fact it’s the second in a series and I titled the first one Addy’s Choice (she’s a DJ). I wanted another title with my new character (Lilly) in it, but I am yet to come up with anything even remotely interesting! Thanks for your kind comments about the excerpt 🙂

  6. How do you break up your time to get all this done? I kind of group things ‘morning-afternoon-evening’ and do different types of activities in each time period, but it hasn’t been working well lately. As a result, I’m getting less done.

    What do you do?

    1. I tend to look at each task, work out how long it will take (roughly) and then pick a day (or two) dedicated to that task. Not a full day, I generally space it out. I usually fit a few smaller jobs in to break things up. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I have a tendency to juggle too many things at once, but lately, if I concentrate on one or two on any given day – I seem to get more done. Maybe it’s a fluke 🙂

  7. Fantastic excerpt Mel! It positively sizzles with sexual tension. I love the way you describe Maddy’s feelings and how she doesn’t entirely understand them herself. Great scene! 🙂

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