No excuses – ROW80 Check in

I’m not going to bombard you with excuses as to why I’ve made little progress since Wednesday – I’ve completely neglected my goals. I wrote no new words, and edited none of my current WIP *hangs head in shame.*

To make matters worse, I’m late with the prompt for Featured Fiction this week, and so behind on visiting my favourite blogs I’m not sure how I’ll catch up. I fully expect you to shake your head in a derisive manner, with a few ‘tut-tuts’ thrown in 🙂

I am going to finish on a positive, and by no means defensive note, though. I honoured my sponsor duties, gave cheer where cheer was needed and met some amazing people. So it’s worth it. I also added a new section to Writing Room 101. There is now an Author Gallery, for spotlighting authors and their work.

I’ll catch up with you Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.


17 thoughts on “No excuses – ROW80 Check in

  1. rachelalsowrites says:

    Pom Poms! Donuts! Chocolate! Positive vibes! Internet hugs! Support!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself that your progress slumped a bit this week. Everyone has off weeks, and sometimes they’re actually useful in the long run. Forget last week now and focus on making this week the best week possible. I’ll be here with donuts and support along the way!

  2. mrschmoe says:

    I’m a day late. I think my writing had fled, taken a vacation or is being held hostage. Someone once said to stock up on M&Ms and lots of coffee. Don’t overdose on dem, otherwise one’s head would spin like a top and cackle like a maniac, and pass out, while waiting for one’s noggin to reboot.

      1. mrschmoe says:

        Ah yeah 😛 , M&Ms, cue writing 200 words per a second. Any time,
        I should post something else on my blog, hopefully my head won’t spin off like a top

      1. shanjeniah says:

        Ooh! A new teen! I became the mom of a teen last month – it’s SO COOL!!!!

        Sometimes, I just need to go in a different direction than the one I’d originally planned. I used to damn myself for that – now I’ve realized that, if I’m present in my life, those “down times” are enriching and renewing for me.

        I’m guessing going with your creative impulse will reveal wonderful benefits, over time, even if you took an unexpected path this week. =)

  3. Nicole says:

    Nah, no “tut tut”s here. I deserve them too, as I have also been ignoring my goals. But we can still plan ahead for next week, and do better than we did! 🙂

  4. Jennette Marie Powell says:

    We all have weeks like that! Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves, “it’s a new week, I’m not behind” and just pick up where we left off. The great thing about ROW80 is we can adjust our goals whenever we need to. Good luck with yours!

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