A show of appreciation

2014-03-10 11.02.05-4

The main reason for this post is to express my gratitude to Vik Tory Arch for the award nomination. She deservedly earned the Liebster recently and her blog is definitely worth checking out.

I’m unsure of the etiquette, but since I already have the award, I should probably accept the kind and generous nomination and be thankful for it. That part is easy…done, and done! But I wanted to acknowledge Vik in some other way, so I’m going to answer the questions she posed as part of the nomination. As an additional gift I’m going to keep the answers short and sweet!

  1. What do you say when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time in the morning? It’s usually a grunt – that’s all I’m really capable of in the morning.
  2. Your favorite color? Yellow
  3. Three random facts about you. I’ve jumped out of a plane (luckily I was strapped to a ski-diving instructor!).  I was held up at knife point when I was eighteen. I went to Drama College.
  4. What inspires you the most? Love and friendship.
  5. Do you have a writer’s block or have too much information and afraid that you might miss some? (for the writers) I often suffer from mental blocks because of the amount of information in my head and my blatant disregard for good planning!
  6. One word describing you? Eccentric
  7. What have you reach this year? A loyal and understanding support network.
  8. Your major goals for your blog? To meet more wonderful people.
  9. Cats, dogs, or books? Books.
  10. The latest shocking news for you? My youngest daughter will be thirteen in October – which means two teenagers in the house. Lord, help me!
  11. What’s your golden lining? My daughters’

In summary, I’d like to thank Vik for her support and encouragement. I appreciate all my blogging friends. It might sound corny (and perhaps a touch dramatic), but you give me something to look forward to in my darkest moments and are part of the light, which invariably sees me through.


9 thoughts on “A show of appreciation

  1. viktoryarch says:

    Thank you for the appreciation post. It gave me a warm feeling inside.
    Your answers are unique as are you. {Hope this sentence make sense}
    Never jumped from the plane… too scary cat.
    Knife point is some dangerous memories, I assume.
    Thank you for the answers.. deep and true.
    Best wishes with your teenagers. More love, friendship and inspiration.

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      It makes perfect sense, and I thank you for the compliment 🙂 The tandem jump was liberating. I’m a scaredy cat too, when it comes to things like that. But when you’re so far up you can’t yet see the ground, there is a strange feeling of freedom. At least that’s how it was for me. I can laugh about the robbery now, but it wasn’t pleasant at the time. I was incredibly lucky though – all they wanted was the money and to get out of there as quickly as possible.
      Thank you for the best wishes. Love, friendship and inspiration right back at you 🙂

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