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Kathryn Jenkins from Dragon Knight Chronicles has kindly shared the following article.

Two Marketing Methods all Authors must Master

There are more authors choosing to self-publish every year. The one thing they always seem to have difficulty with is how to market their books. This can be a difficult task for those authors that have no idea where to begin.

The first step is to figure out the two different styles of promoting your work and yourself as an author. The first style is the easiest for every author to do. This style is the passive marketing method. The passive method is simple, because all you have to do is set up your personal advertisements for free one time.

You’re probably wondering what free advertisements you could use to promote your book. Well, here are a few:

1) make sure in the back of all your books to have links directing your readers to the rest of your published works. This is also a good place to put all your social links to direct them to your websites.

2) All authors should have a special email for their author business to separate from their personal email. If you don’t have one you should get one. The key element of any signature you give to your emails should include the following links: to your websites/blogs, author page, Facebook page, twitter, google plus, and most importantly include links to your purchase pages for your books.

Now doesn’t these steps sound easy? The nice thing about these little steps is all you have to do is create it, make sure it is updated, and guess what you’re done.

The second method deals with more hard work for you. But, if you’re willing to put the effort into writing your book you must also put the time into marketing it.

The active method is a more hands on approach. You have to get your name out their. Which is hard for a new writer. But, the first thing you must always do is build your author platform.

Many young writers wonder, do I need to have a website or blog. Yes, you do…this helps draw readers attention to you as a writer. If you’re making posts every week on your blog, then they know you are taking your career seriously. A website is a must also since this would be where you would have all your books featured along with information on yourself.

The easy thing that is a part of these two is that they can be connected. Have your website feature and show off your published works. Then let your readers be directed to your blog, where they can get to know the person writing their favorite novels.

The website and blog usually should be created before you even go on your journey to publication. But, if you have already published your work it is never too late to get these two essential pieces up and going.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, what do I do once I have my novel published. The hard part for everyone is how do I market my book. But, ask yourself do I have the funds to put into marketing? Well, many indie authors put so much money into the editing and designing of their book they forget about the marketing too.

Well here are a few easy ways to help promote your book. First, find fellow bloggers that have similar interests in the topic of your book. Then contact them about doing some guest posts on their sites. This will get you in front of your readers and will draw them to your work.

Another, big one that is going on now is featuring a blog tour. Many of you probably think yeah these don’t work. There are circumstances that can make them not work for you. This mainly being that you’re not participating to your fullest extent. With blog tours you have to give a 110 percent. You can’t dilly dally around and expect to have a great outcome at the end.

Yes, there is even the chance that working at a 110 percent might only get you one reader. But, in the long run it can help build a following. You won’t have complete success on your first tour you have to keep going beyond the first to fight for attention. The simple thing is to give up, but if you can get one reader to pick up your book that is a victory in its self.

The next best thing to a tour is to find bloggers, friends, publishers anyone pretty much that has a following that would like to interview you. Always make sure to do the research on the site first though. It would be a waste of your time along with the one interviewing you if your novel doesn’t fit into the targeted audience.

Once you get started it becomes a never-ending process. Your first book is your baby. You nurtured it from the moment it was in your head. Now you will have to nurture it in the eyes of every reader in the world. Be proud show off your novel and never stop pushing to get a new reader. You might not become a best-selling author that spends months on the best seller list. But, if you are in it to inspire young readers and to influence one person then you are on the right track.

Promoting is an ongoing basis…it will never end. Even when that second book hits the shelves. You might not be directly promoting your first book as much but in a passive way you will be.

I hope everyone has great success with their promoting and to help you further along…I plan on writing another article on the basis of promoting to help you. Also, I found a very interesting site that I believe you all should have access to. This site has all kinds of suggestions and helpful tips on promoting your books, and here it is…

Book Marketing Tools

Article provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


Thank you, Kathryn. The point about nurturing your work in the eyes of a reader is an important one. We write for so many different reasons, and I think everyone has a desire to share their characters. Even if we build worlds and populate them for the simple joy of it, there is a part of us that thrives by touching the lives of another – through the simple connection of words.

Thanks for reading


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