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Susannah McElvogue

Susannah McElvogue has military in the blood. Born in Germany to a long line of soldiers, her mother is German and her father British, affording Susannah dual citizenship.

She served as a Royal Engineer with a specialism in communications, until Kelvin Fairchild lured her away to head up a new team with Morgan and Fairchild.

Susannah is a petite woman, but her personality more than makes up for her size. She has a wicked laugh and a confident, engaging manner.

Nicknamed the oracle within the team because of her computer skills and research ability, she guards her ‘boys’ with the ferocity of a lion.

She is the unofficial leader at Morgan and Fairchild, and the person they turn to in an emergency.

Susannah McElvogue

Character Interview

By: Kathryn Jenkins

Q: Susannah, you have a strong military background serving as a Royal Engineer. How did you find yourself working at the Morgan and Fairchild agency?

A: Kelvin likes to tell people he stole me away, but the moment I heard he was setting up with Bradley, I set my sights on running the show. They are the kind of men you follow, it’s just how it is.

Q: There are plenty of bizarre personalities that make up the team at Morgan and Fairchild. Do you have a curtain team member that you prefer the most out of all of them? In other words who is your favorite?

A: I’m not sure I’d describe them as bizarre, but some of the situations we find ourselves in are a little out of the ordinary, so it takes a certain personality type, sure. As for favourites, I love all my boys, and girls, for that matter. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and I know how to play to them. Choosing between them would be like choosing a limb to remove – it’s not going to happen.

Q: Plenty of your days are spend slaving away on your work. Do you ever find yourself with free time to spare with friends?

A: We’re family so when we’re not working we’re usually together. In the beginning when we were bringing the agency together Brad, Kelvin, JJ and I had an unspoken rule that we would gather in our free time and check in. They were impromptu get togethers, you could almost say we had a six sense about the time and place. There are more of us now, but we still make an effort to continue the tradition.

Q: Would you say there is a strong bond between you and Detective Charles Macavoy? If so, do you ever plan on acting on it?

A: There’s something about Charlie, or Mac as Justin likes to call him. He has this energy, an almost tangible force. To me, he’s like chocolate; sweet and forbidden and impossible to deny!

Q: There is plenty of evidence in, Hands of Evil, that you are a woman that speaks her mind. Has there ever been a time you weren’t so out spoken?

A: I grew up in a house full of boys and then adopted five more, so it’s a case of speaking up or not getting heard.

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It’s strange for me to host a blog tour for an author whose published work I haven’t read yet, but I’ve seen snippets and excerpts from Melissa Barker-Simpson before. Sins of the Father is sitting near the top of my TBR; of course I jumped on the opportunity to showcase her newest release, Hands of Evil.

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