The Soul: Book One by S. R. Carrillo

The SoulI’m still recovering from the ending of ‘The Soul’ – I don’t know how I’ll find the patience to wait for book two! It was a rollercoaster ride of intensity and emotion, the kind of story that stays with you long after the final page has been turned.

The last angel, Ero, is tasked with the purpose of finding a boy (an abandoned effigy of evil), and raising him into the arms of Grace. Ero is one of the best representations of an angel I’ve read. His complexity, his divinity and power, the way he processes information, had me riveted. Then there is his immense capacity for love, coupled with his sensuality and both drew me in like a moth to flame.

Ero is introduced into the novel at the beginning of his journey, when he meets an intriguing man named Lios. Before he leaves to complete his task, the two spend a little time together (as Ero goes through a kind of transition). I really enjoyed these chapters. Their connection served to demonstrate Ero’s true nature. The way the author describes his internal conflict is poetic in its elegance.   

When Ero finds the boy (he names him Sol), the dynamic between the two is heart-breaking at times. The evil living in Sol, the disregard he has for human life and the brutal, unrepentant way he inflicts pain is dealt with skilfully. This level of malignance cannot be written lightly. The author does not shy away from the violence of such evil, but nor does she make Sol one dimensional. His complexity, the hunger and pain which drive him make it clear to see why Ero is prepared to sacrifice so much to save him.

The novel is beautifully written. The characters come alive on the page and though there is darkness, there is also light. The author managed to evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions and I was completely invested in Ero’s journey. I’m looking forward to spending more time with him.

Review by Melissa Barker-Simpson


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    • Don’t sell yourself short! I’m glad you liked it…I actually just finished it today so I struck while the iron was hot, so to speak. I’m having a few days off writing and am concentrating on my reading list. I don’t know why I ever decided to write a fantasy novel – it is driving me quite mad. I won’t even mention Worlds Apart… 🙂

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