Master of Disguise – A short story featuring Bobby Jones

The Hands of Evil Blog Tour starts tomorrow. I posted the schedule earlier in the week, but if you’d like to view it click here. There will be different opportunities to learn more about the book and its characters, including interviews, short stories and character bios. I am also running a raffle throughout the week to give away a signed copy of Hands of Evil.

In addition, as a special thank you to new subscribers of my newsletter I will be writing an exclusive short-story, based on characters from the series. I will be including a poll on the website to help me decide which characters my readers would like to learn more about.

As an example of what’s to come, below you will find a short story featuring Bobby Jones – who has a small part to play in Hands of Evil.


Bobby stared at the computer screen until his eyes were as heavy as his heart. They burned as fiercely as the anger in him too.

He had been tracking Bernard Taylor for months and they were no closer to catching him. The man was a lousy excuse for a human being; a predator of children. In Bobby’s opinion he was the lowest form of life, a pure unadulterated evil. He longed to eradicate him from existence.

Not that he would admit that to anyone else but Charles Macavoy, his best friend and partner within Homicide and Serious Crime. The Taylor case wasn’t even theirs. But Bobby remembered Bernard from earlier in his career. They hadn’t caught him that time either and he viewed it as his own personal failure.

Bernard Taylor was a master of disguise. They knew he used a number of identities. One of which was staring back at him on the computer screen.

The profile showed a nineteen year old squaddie, with an open, trusting face and eyes which spoke of the cruelties he’d endured. Jack Matthews was a real person, or he had been. The young soldier had died in Afghanistan, and that wasn’t the only tragedy in the tale. Not only was Bernard tainting the memory of an honourable man, he was using his face, his military persona and service history to lure young girls.

It made Bobby sick to the stomach to think of their latest victim. Sophia Adams was only fifteen years old. She had been a confident, bright and caring young girl who had fallen for a lie. Now she was too frightened to leave the house.

Remembering her pale, haunted face made him want to plant his fist in the computer screen. He settled for slamming it on the desk. The keyboard rattled and his phone slipped off the edge and dropped to the carpeted floor.

Prison was too good for this animal, he thought. But he knew he would do what he had to do. He would bury his anger and find peace in the fact the monster was behind bars. Because that’s what he did. He didn’t care how long it took. He would find him.

A knock at his front door shook him out of his dark thoughts. He glanced at the clock with a frown. It was almost midnight and he wasn’t in the mood to receive guests. Someone clearly needed to tell his visitor that because the insistent tapping on wood was like a hammer to the skull.

He pulled the door open without looking through the peephole. If whoever it was had come looking for a fight he was more than happy to oblige.

“Jesus, Bob, you look like shit,” Justin Chambers said, concern flicking across his face.

Justin worked for Morgan and Fairchild, an independent security agency and Charlie’s extended family. By definition that also made them his.

He eyed the laptop under Justin’s arm and the dark circles under her eyes. Since Charlie had called in the favour a few weeks ago, Justin had worked on little else in his free time. He was a genius with computers and Charlie was convinced he would unlock Bernard’s identity.

Since Justin didn’t look much better than he felt, Bobby stepped aside to let him in. “You should try looking in a mirror sometime, kid.”

It was true that Justin’s usual laid back demeanour had lost some of its shine. His grey eyes were just a little haunted, his boyish good looks bordering on hard.

Bobby crossed the room in a few strides, his long, graceful limbs showing no sign of the fatigue he’d felt a moment ago. “I think we could both use a drink,” he said, not bothering to turn.

“I think I found him.”

Bobby spun at the words, his deep blue eyes flashing a warning. “Don’t mess with me, Justin.”

Justin tilted his head to the side. “You can be a scary son of a bitch, did you know that?”

When Bobby said nothing, Justin moved towards him with a shrug. “Okay, let me show you what I’ve got.”

He had his laptop open a moment later, showing him the results of his latest search.

A slither of hope crept into Bobby’s gut, wanted to take seed and grow. “Forget the drink, we’re going to the station. We have to get somebody on this right away.” He grabbed his car keys from the bowl on the side.

“I get to come too?” Justin asked, a little surprised.

“Are you saying you don’t want in?”

“Hell no!” Justin said, slamming the screen shut. “If I had my way this guy would face a firing squad.”

Bobby smiled, the first real smile in days. It felt good. “Kid, I like your style.”

They left the house together. Bobby didn’t even bother to shut down his PC or turn out the lights. He hoped that when he returned, he’d have justice for Sophia Adams and the young soldier whose face was still filling the computer screen. Somehow, considering where the help was coming from, he thought Jack Matthews might approve.


Thanks for reading. I look forward to catching you along the tour 🙂

If you’ve read Sins of the Father, or Hands of Evil, out of interest, which character would you like to learn more about?


8 responses to “Master of Disguise – A short story featuring Bobby Jones”

  1. Great short 🙂 It’s made me all the more excited to read Hands of Evil! As for characters in Sins of the Father, I remember thinking it would be interesting to learn more about Sarah; what Alicia’s growing fame and success was like from her best friend’s perspective.

    • Thank you, I’m pleased you liked it. Sarah makes an appearance in Hands of Evil, but she’s also in a few ‘deleted’ scenes too! I haven’t finished with her though, I have something special in store for her 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to read this book!

    It’s really nice to have these snippets into other character’s lives, I think that’s where blogging can really come into its own. I love being able to delve more into characters that just can’t be gone into in the book 🙂 Brilliant writing as always.

    • Thanks, Mishka 🙂 I agree. It’s hard limiting a characters ‘scene’ time. We can’t do them all justice at the same time! So, I agree. I like this avenue – they get to play a little 😉

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