Completely in the dark – WR101 Prompt Series: Shades of August

My contribution to Seductive Saturdays 🙂

Melissa Barker-Simpson

Shades of August

I enjoyed August’s previous adventure so much I couldn’t help but add to it. Let’s call this part 2 – click here if you want to read Part 1.

When the ground disappeared beneath my feet the obscenity was wrenched free and I was falling into darkness. I wrapped my arms tighter around SB, using him as an anchor. I might not like him, but at least I wasn’t going to down the rabbit hole alone.


Alice wasn’t waiting for me at the bottom and, thankfully, no white rabbits either. What I did find was a giant headache and a whole lot of darkness.

But hey, at least it was warm. This was accentuated by the fact SB still had his arms wrapped around me. He made no attempt to move. But then he’d always been a shark.

“Okay, pretty boy, you can let go now,” I muttered, pushing against his chest.

The muscles bunched beneath my fingers, reminding…

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