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We blog for so many different reasons; to reach out, to connect, reassure, inform, and promote. As writers we love nothing more than to create new worlds and populate them with characters. To be able to share our stories with readers is a special gift and this, the perfect platform for it. But it is also a very personal experience in some respects. Those characters are like old friends and there’s a part of us that thrives because we’re able to share them with others.
Finding people as supportive as Callum, someone we respect and admire in return is the real icing on the cake. It’s not about needing the recognition, it’s about feeling valued and understood; a kind of kinship. It’s also an opportunity to grow, to learn and to spread our wings.
I’m sure Mishka will agree that Callum is one of our most supportive peers, so I think I can speak for both of us when I say – thank you. For your encouragement, your kind words, advice, influence and guidance. It means so much to have a network we can rely on.

Callum McLaughlin

Support fellow writers by spreading the word! Support fellow writers by spreading the word!

In just this last week alone, two fellow writers whose work I follow with much anticipation released new books! Mishka Jenkins and Melissa Barker-Simpson are authors, bloggers and all round nice, supportive people, so be sure and check out Prophecy of Stones and Hands of Evil; I know I certainly will.

I’ve read two of Mel’s books before and am currently working on my second of Mishka’s and so I already count myself as a big fan of both. They each have a unique voice and weave interesting stories with likable characters to draw you in.

They’re too modest to say but they both work very hard and would greatly appreciate your purchases and reviews, so why not support a writer and get an interesting story to enjoy for yourself, it’s win-win.

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