[WR101 Prompt Series] Terrifying Thursdays' – Prompt #11

The theme for this week is a kind of ‘character versus plot’. I have provided two options below, challenging you explore other ways of working. If you enjoy to map out a story before you add characters to the landscape, try using option B. If the opposite is true and you don’t normally stick to a set plan, why not try it out?

This is the final prompt in this week’s theme. Shades of August begins tomorrow. To find out more, click here.

a) Plot breakdown/Storyline

Stasis: The year is 2021 and the earth is recovering from nuclear war.  Only a small percentage of the population remain. The story focuses on the area that was once known as central London, as the quarantine is lifted and a group of people emerge topside.

Trigger: Among the shattered remains of what once was, the group realise they have something new to fear. A creature born of the destruction and stronger than anything they have ever seen.

The quest: Stranded, they must fight to the death in order to survive this new nightmare and earn the right to rebuild a new civilisation.

Surprise: In the heat of battle the group discover a secret weapon. A natural remedy which defies everything they believed about the original war.

Critical choice: The group must decide which side they are on, and create order among chaos.

Reversal: The government lied about their selection, hiding the true reason they were saved.

The resolution of the piece is entirely up to you.

b) Character Description

Name: Audrey Hobson

Age: 20

Hair colour: Black

Height: 5ft 7″

Eye colour: Blue

Complexion: Tanned

Personality traits: Impatient, mischievous and argumentative – she lives to get a rise out of people.

Motto: Never say never.

Occupation: Free spirit.

Martial Status: Divorced





Welcome to the WR101 Prompt Series. A daily prompt incorporating our love of fiction in all its forms.

I’ve tried not to set too many rules, but there are a few guidelines:

Mystery on Mondays’ – a place for mystery and suspense.

Thrilling Tuesdays’ – for all things related to the crime and thriller genres.

Weird and Whacky Wednesdays’ – for stories of a comedic nature.

Terrifying Thursdays’ – for tales of horror.

Fictional Fridays’ – a catch-all prompt for general fiction

Seductive Saturdays’ – a place for romance

Sci-Fi Sundays’ – take us to new worlds.

That’s it! Be respectful of others’ work and always provide constructive feedback.

If you have any suggestions for these prompts, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy the prompt series and look forward to reading your contributions.


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4 responses to “[WR101 Prompt Series] Terrifying Thursdays' – Prompt #11”

      • So am I. That’s what I love most about the community you have built. No matter a reader, writer, beginner or veteran, we can all take inspiration from the ideas you create while enjoying other people’s creations.

      • That’s a lovely thing to say. I’m overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. It means the world that people gain inspiration from my prompts and I, like you, enjoy what people come up with. As a reader I’m always grateful for the opportunity to explore other worlds 🙂

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