[WR101 Prompt Series] Weird and Whacky Wednesdays' – Prompt #11

The theme for this week is a kind of ‘character versus plot’. I have provided two options below, challenging you to explore other ways of working. If you enjoy to map out a story before you add characters to the landscape, try using option B. If the opposite is true and you don’t normally stick to a set plan, why not try it out?

The daily prompts will finish early this week, because I have a month long theme planned for August. As this begins Friday, the last prompts for this round will be tomorrow.

a) Plot breakdown/Storyline

Stasis: A group of friends, thrown together by circumstance and the same level of parental neglect, decide to move in together.

Trigger: The foursome push boundaries and experiment in a whole host of ways. At least one member of the group is an amateur scientist and concocts a potion that will render them invisible to the outside world. Obviously the experiment goes wrong and each of them appear to be missing at least one part of their body

The quest: The group seek help from a university professor when it becomes clear the side effect is permanent.

Surprise: During the course of the professor’s experimentation new changes occur – unexpected fluctuations in the power of the missing limbs.

Critical choice: They must decide whether to go public and seek the help of other experts in the field, while making tons of cash.

Reversal: Unexpectedly the foursome disappear. The professor uses what he knows to attempt recovery.

The resolution of the piece is entirely up to you.

b) Character Description

Name: Theresa Green

Nickname: Tree

Age: 69

Hair colour: White

Height: 6ft 1″

Eye colour: Brown

Complexion: Pale

Personality traits: Strong, loyal and dependable. She is a task master and heavily involved in the environment.

Motto: Always treat others the way you expect to be treated yourself.

Occupation: Environmentalist.

Martial Status: Married





Welcome to the WR101 Prompt Series. A daily prompt incorporating our love of fiction in all its forms.

I’ve tried not to set too many rules, but there are a few guidelines:

Mystery on Mondays’ – a place for mystery and suspense.

Thrilling Tuesdays’ – for all things related to the crime and thriller genres.

Weird and Whacky Wednesdays’ – for stories of a comedic nature.

Terrifying Thursdays’ – for tales of horror.

Fictional Fridays’ – a catch-all prompt for general fiction

Seductive Saturdays’ – a place for romance

Sci-Fi Sundays’ – take us to new worlds.

That’s it! Be respectful of others’ work and always provide constructive feedback.

If you have any suggestions for these prompts, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy the prompt series and look forward to reading your contributions.


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