Shades of August – Part of the WR101 Daily Prompt Series

Shades of AugustAugust and September will be structured a little differently in terms of the daily prompts.

For the month of August I invite you to write a multitude of adventures based on a character – August Montgomery. Depending on the day, that might be a tale of mystery, a story to thrill, or a journey that scares the living daylights out of us! To participate, follow the allocated genre and lead August into an adventure of your choice.  Don’t forget to add your story to the link-up button, so others can share in the journey and add to it.

For reference, you daily offering should incorporate the following genres:

Monday – Mystery and Suspense

Tuesday – Thriller

Wednesday – Comedy

Thursday – Horror

Friday – A catch all (the choice is yours)

Saturday – Romance

Sunday – Science Fiction

Below you will find a basic character description:

Name: August Montgomery

Nickname: Gus (you are free to choose another)

Age: 28

Hair colour: Auburn (brown)

Eye colour: Green

Height: 5ft 11″

Occupation: Freelance (whatever he chooses at the time)

Shades of August begins Friday and as this is a general fiction day, you have poetic license.

The upcoming 30 Days of September is related to the series from June. More details will follow later in the month.

Have fun and thanks in advance for your contribution.

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