[WR101 Prompt Series] Mystery on Mondays' – Prompt #8

I’ve read quite a few posts recently tackling the subject of character and plot, namely – which comes first. With this in mind I’ve decided to create a challenge with two possible options. If, like me, the character usually comes first, then I’d like you to chose option A (write based on plot/location). If you usually write in this way, then try out option B (based on the provided character description).

The theme of your story should focus on the particular day, so today should be crammed full of mystery and intrigue.

I’ve tried not to be too prescriptive, but when you’re adding a plot summary that can be a little difficult! Really, I just wanted to provide an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore – whichever side of the scale you’re on. So for the planners, it might go against the grain, but it can be fun to ‘go with the flow’. In a similar way, for those who avoid planning, it can be liberating to know where a story is going and to explore writing within a set of constraints.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

a) Plot breakdown/Storyline

Stasis: Begins with the purchase of Craven House – situated at the end of a row and the biggest on the block. The house has a history known to local residents but not to the new home owner (protagonist).

Trigger: Terrible things happen in one of the bedrooms inside Craven House – a room which has been mysteriously sealed off for years and was advertised as an ‘unfinished extension.’

The quest: The home owner must investigate the history, and find out what secrets the room holds.

Surprise: A workman has a fatal accident in the room and all other contractors refuse to enter the house.

Critical choice: Despite the fact your protagonist discovers the death is not the first on record, they are close to discovering the truth. They also invested every last penny into the property and have nowhere else to go.

Climax: The protagonist is locked in the room and cannot get out, despite several attempts at intervention.

Reversal: He/She discovers that it is a test, and that someone has orchestrated the ‘accidents’ in the room to scare people away so they can keep the house to themselves.

Resolution: He/She passes the text, but they are forever changed. People begin to suspect something sinister happened in the room, which forces the protagonist to reveal the ultimate secret.

b) Character Description

Name: Michael Romano

Nickname: Roman

Age: 32

Hair colour: Black

Height: 6ft 1″

Eye colour: Grey/Blue

Complexion: Tanned

Personality traits: Quiet, disarming manner, which puts people at ease. Lives for his job.

Motto: Failure is not an option.

Occupation: Detective

Martial Status: Single (married to his job)

Family: Only child. Parents deceased.


If you have feedback on the challenges, please let me know. I’m flexible, so if you feel I’m being too prescriptive, I can adapt the prompt for the next daily challenge.

Thanks in advance.




Welcome to the WR101 Prompt Series. A daily prompt incorporating our love of fiction in all its forms.

I’ve tried not to set too many rules, but there are a few guidelines:

Mystery on Mondays’ – a place for mystery and suspense.

Thrilling Tuesdays’ – for all things related to the crime and thriller genres.

Weird and Whacky Wednesdays’ – for stories of a comedic nature.

Terrifying Thursdays’ – for tales of horror.

Fictional Fridays’ – a catch-all prompt for general fiction

Seductive Saturdays’ – a place for romance

Sci-Fi Sundays’ – take us to new worlds.

That’s it! Be respectful of others’ work and always provide constructive feedback.

If you have any suggestions for these prompts, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy the prompt series and look forward to reading your contributions.


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4 responses to “[WR101 Prompt Series] Mystery on Mondays' – Prompt #8”

  1. What a great idea. By having such clear guidelines but leaving room for individuality, it will be really interesting to see how each person manages to put their own spin on things 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m not sure if I got a little carried away with plot breakdown. Is it achievable in a short story? I’m tempted to simplify it tomorrow 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like it. It actually gave me an idea for August, which will actually save me time and I need to take a break so it’s great 🙂 I really appreciate your support.

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