The Black Widow’s Tale – An Ode to Husband Killing

I was challenged by a writer friend of mine, Mark Morris, to write an ode to husband killing. So after spending much time online, being haunted by the greats and all things stressed and un-stressed, I decided to got with the traditional rhyming form of A B A B C D E C D E (for each 10-line stanza), with an unstructured, free form approach for a little light relief. I apologise to the poets among you!

The Black Widow’s Tale
The first one was good with his hands
and built me a house with a view
a great little spot on the sands
a paradise made for two
The guy was polite to a fault
and left me the deeds in his will
So I gave him a kiss with my axe
And proceeded straight to the vault
Before savouring my very first kill


The second was an architect too
and doubled the size of my land
He hired a talented crew
to keep up with my every demand
In the end he became rather dull
a bore who was sugar and spice
So I ended his life with a hammer
by braining him up side the skull
and paying the ultimate price
with a nice healthy stint in the slammer


Husbands three and four are a blur
and pale in significance to five
A man who caused quite a stir
one I’d intended to keep alive
But he had something else planned
much worse than my two by four
He wanted to end my dream
and after gaining the upper hand
he filled my nights with gore
and took pleasure in hearing me scream

10 responses to “The Black Widow’s Tale – An Ode to Husband Killing”

    • Thanks, Mishka. I appreciate the feedback – if you knew what I went through with this you’d laugh at the state I got myself into! It might be quite a while before I tackle a poem again 🙂

  1. Good poem. Very creepy. I like how in the first part it sounds like it’s going to be romantic. Also it ending with, “a kiss with an axe,” is a great line.

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