Ribbons and Bows by Mark Morris – 30 Days of June Prompt

30 Days of June ImageMark has done it again; taken a prompt and run with it to create a unique story which is full of his usual descriptive flair.

Check out Ribbon and Bows.

If you’d like a reminder of the prompt – here it is:

28 June 2014

The following sentence starter must be used as the last line of your piece:

Prompt: ‘As I stood beside the rotting corpse, it suddenly occurred to me that I shouldn’t be there.’

There’s still a few days left to get in on the action!

Here are the final two prompts:

29 June 2014

There’s something very strange about your new neighbour, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Then people start dying in unusual circumstances and the result of the investigation leads next door.

Prompt: Write a story based on the above theme.

30 June 2014

You’ve suffered with migraines your whole life, but after a particularly brutal attack, which leaves you in bed for three days, it becomes clear there are long lasting effects. Especially since everyone you meet now speaks a language you don’t understand.

Prompt: Write a story based on the above theme.

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