Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail: Part 1

One of the reasons I created Writing Room 101, besides a fun place to read, write and share our experiences, is an interest in collaborative writing. I love what happens when two or more authors get together and write something; how their styles find a way to blend and compliment each other.

I recently collaborated with Cynthia Morgan, over at booknvolume. We began with an image, and Morgan started the ball rolling with a few paragraphs. Then magic happened 🙂 This genre is a first for me, and I loved the way Morgan inspired me to try something new. We had no idea where it would lead, but took cues from each other and came to a natural conclusion. I had a great deal of fun, and can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure to co-author this piece.

We split the story into two parts, and below you will find part one. I hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to working with Morgan again in the future.

Little Prytt and Simyn Snail – Part 1

hotel___lumaca___by_nataly1stLittle Prytt lived in quite a special house, a house that went with her wherever she went and kept her warm on cold nights. It was not because it was made of sturdy brick and stone, not because it was nestled close in the embracing arms of a broad oak, or because it was protected in the close company of the village. Her home hummed and trilled and sang songs with her on dark nights. It moved quietly and slowly through even the rockiest terrain and took her to magical places, although she never left home. Most importantly of all, it was her friend and companion- something no ordinary house could ever be.

Little Prytt’s house was, in fact, her best friend. Many nights they watched the luminous sun bow graciously at the sill of the world, bidding the sweet, quiet forest goodnight before it slipped silently into its nightly bed. Then, in the lavender twilight, the dancing lights of fireflies emerged from the emeraldine canopy, descending with jubilant, scintillating sparkles that brightened the dimness, surrounding Little Prytt and her smiling home. Together they would giggle and play while the effervescent evening sighed.

One fine morning, Little Prytt fluttered out her door and said to her home, “Simyn Snail, this feels like the day for a grand adventure.”

Simyn chuckled, a deep rumbling sound that sent tiny vibrations along the tips of Little Prytt’s wings. The sun shone a beam of light onto the forest floor, drawing Prytt towards it and the magic of a new dawn. She danced along the beam, twirling and weaving to a rhythm as familiar as the beating of her heart. The accompaniment from Simyn was a sweet music. It rose and fell as Prytt did, gliding and swirling as it gripped them both. It was a celebration; a party for two, for they were the only ones caught in the moment. Or so they thought.

It was Prytt who sensed it first. Shifting from light to dark, she felt the shadow – cold against her skin. Only one creature in the forest could make her feel that way: the rarely seen, but often feared crimson dragon!

Simyn felt it too and shuddered as a result. She heard the proof of his discomfort when the dishes and glasses inside her house rattled precariously.

What could the monster want and why was he following them? It didn’t make any sense. It was daylight and dragons rarely came out in the morning sun.

Ignoring the great and terrible beast was the best option, she decided.

She shot up into the air and called out in her most cheerful voice. “Come on, Simyn. Let’s go to the clearing and spend the day eating berries and drinking from the Laughing Brook.”

Simyn mumbled uncertainly, but followed her as she fluttered out of the deep emerald shadows into the brighter light of the clear day. It wasn’t far to the clearing, only a few yards, though a few yards is farther than the average snail might choose to travel in one day.


Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Collaboration Station – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail: Part 1

  1. callummclaughlin says:

    This is so charming! I love that I am able to recognise touches from both author’s unique styles; Morgan’s soothing poetic touch and your descriptive and immersive storytelling flare. They blend beautifully to make this lovely piece.

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thanks, Callum 🙂 That’s quite a compliment, and so cool you can distinguish between us. That we gel so well is a testament to Morgan’s beautiful writing – it inspired me. I really appreciate the comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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