Keeping Up Appearances [30 Days of Summer] WR101 Prompt Series

Here is my contribution to today’s prompt.

Melissa Barker-Simpson

30 Days of June ImageOkay, so I can’t let Mark have all the fun! Here is my contribution to the daily-prompt for the 6 June 2014.

You are at a party and, as a joke, you introduce yourself as a clairvoyant. You field questions from other guests, plucking information from your head, which is surprisingly accurate. What starts off as a little fun, turns into a deadly game.

Prompt: Write a story based on the above theme.

Keeping Up Appearances

Joe despised his monkey-suit, almost as much as the obligatory social functions. He was bored out of his mind and he hadn’t even made it through the door.

At least this little soiree was being held at the hotel – his hotel to be exact. It meant plenty of room for escape.

As he stepped into the plush foyer, he surveyed the scene appraisingly. The contrasting colours of red and blue were a flag to…

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