Dinner for…seven by Mark Morris [30 Days of June] Writing 101 Prompt Series

30 Days of June ImageAnother great post by Mark Morris. This one in response to a prompt about a virtual dinner party. As a reminder, the details are below:


5 June 2014

A new store opens using the latest holographic technology. One of its features is a restaurant which incorporates virtual guests.

Prompt: You manage to obtain a much sought after ticket and can invite five people to dine with you. Who will you choose?

Here’s what’s in store tomorrow – I’m aiming to contribute something to this prompt.

6 June 2014

You are at a party and, as a joke, you introduce yourself as a clairvoyant. You field questions from other guests, plucking information from your head, which is surprisingly accurate. What starts off as a little fun, turns into a deadly game.

Prompt: Write a story based on the above theme.

Don’t forget to check out the 30 Days of June, a new prompt for every day of the month, and add your contribution.

A huge thanks to Mark for his contributions. I thoroughly enjoyed both posts.


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